Cadiot-Badie: chocolate, tradition and delicacy

The Bordeaux chocolate factory Cadiot-Badie invited us on Friday, December 3 to an intimate Christmas lunch at The Chapon Fin to celebrate its White Christmas collection and the restoration of the Allées de Tourny shop. Serge Michaud, owner of Cadiot-Badie for 25 years, regaled his guests with anecdotes about the shop, the history of the House and the architectural and gastronomic heritage of Bordeaux. The opportunity to present, if it is still to be done, one of the oldest and most renowned chocolatiers in Bordeaux… Installed since 1826 at the 26 alleys of Tourny, to the delight of gourmets.

Cadiot-Badie, a White Christmas Collection to salute 195 years of excellence

For nearly 200 years, Cadiot-Badie has been innovating by designing exclusive creations every year. Made in Bordeaux, the historic chocolate factory strives to offer the best of chocolate thanks to noble materials and proven craftsmanship.

This year, Serge Michaud and his daughter Audrey present a Christmas window on the theme of White Christmas. In reference to the magic of Christmas, they decline chocolate in all its forms and flavors. For gourmet parties with accents of snowy landscapes. Fans of maison Cadiot-Badie find the red thread woven every year with chocolate Santa Claus, Saint Nicholas, snowmen and other traditional figurines. However, this White Christmas collection brings its share of surprises and innovations with its sumptuous “Christmas pearls”. Audrey Michaud-Missègue proudly unveiled the declination of chocolate balls, adorning the table decoration or hanging from the fir tree while waiting to be tasted.

Christmas collection white chocolates burgundy
Christmas pearls from Cadiot-Badie. Dark chocolate balls (red pearl), white (green pearl), milk (grey pearl). Chocolate figurines. Begging balls.

For its Noël Blanc collection, Cadiot-Badie has even invested in the design of a series of prestige boxes. But also a white and golden advent calendar honoring the historic storefront of the alleys of Tourny. A new packaging to greet the restoration of the shop. Which restores its letters of nobility to a House whose reputation is well established.

A historic Cadiot-Badie boutique that reveals its 19th century secrets

After two summers of work, Cadiot-Badie reopened in August 2021 on a shop, more historic than ever. Renovated in a 19th century style, in memory of the place, the 26 Allées de Tourny offered a high-end refreshment under the expert hands of Didier Linardon. Master Craftsman Painter in Decorations for 30 years, graduate of the Guégan Institute, trainer at the Philomatics of Bordeaux and at the Compagnons du Devoir, Didier Linardon had been pricking for several years the curiosity of Serge Michaud by betting on the present of a painting of the 19th century under the layers of paint of the ceiling.

So much so that it actually convinces him, leading to a first phase of restoration in the summer of 2020. A first operation that then allows to discover a superb canvas representing bouquets of flowers of the 4 seasons and a sumptuous blue sky at the end of the 19th century.

christmas collection white cadiot-badie chocolate burgundy
Packaging of the Noël Blanc Collection by Cadiot-Badie

Seduced by the beauty of the work, Serge Michaud then embarked alongside Didier Linardon in a complete restoration project of the shop. They then called on the lighting clinic in Bordeaux, as well as restorers of art furniture. They then resurrect the gilding and blue-gray of the late 19th century. However, adding a touch of gourmet modernity with the tasting furniture and some pieces in warm brown. They also restore the central box dating from the chocolatier Jaeger.

When it was removed, the time of the restoration, people were worried that I had got rid of it. Regulars and connoisseurs are attached to it, it is part of the heritage, not only of the shop, but also of Bordeaux.

Serge Michaud, owner and manager of Cadiot-Badie

Chocolate market: nothing stops gluttony, not even the crisis

The Cadiot-Badie Christmas lunch was also an opportunity to celebrate the opening of the Gradignan boutique. Inaugurated in 2019, the opening of the third boutique of the chocolate factory had been overshadowed by the health crisis that came quickly after. In particular, it makes it possible to relieve the Pessac laboratory with the adjoining shop, stormed during the holidays. Located in Gradignan, a city of tradition for the food trades, the shop remains close to the laboratory for logistical reasons, while attracting a new clientele.

By opening a shop in Pessac in addition to the one in Bordeaux, I thought it would distribute the current clientele on both sites. In reality, Bordeaux’s turnover has not suffered. On the contrary, the Pessac boutique has developed its own clientele and the turnover continues to grow.

Serge Michaud, Cadiot-Badie

It was the same for the address in Gradignan. For good reason, Cadiot-Badie and artisan chocolatiers in general, take advantage of the craze for chocolate.

It is a refuge, comforting product. It is proven that chocolate is good for morale and people like to recall it to justify their gluttony. We love it in winter, or even all year round and the crisis does not change anything.

Serge Michaud, Cadiot-Badie

In thirty years, the French have increased their consumption of chocolate by 30%, spreading its consumption all year round and not only for the holidays. In 2020, Christmas and Easter accounted for €665 million and €205 million respectively. And this for an estimated annual turnover of 3035 million euros in 2020 in large and medium-sized stores alone.

In addition, while nearly 70% of chocolate is sold in supermarkets, the remaining 30% goes to other distribution methods. Chocolatiers, gas stations, kiosks, bakery… Note that the clientele and the products are not the same. So much so that supermarkets do not overshadow high-end chocolate. Thus, artisan chocolatiers, with their high-end know-how, benefit from the good health of the chocolate market.


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