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But You’re French is a Bordeaux-based company that makes organic cotton clothing. An eco-responsible brand, it offers shirts and t-shirts made in France. These are products that are part of a process of creating quality, to promote French know-how. The brand uses only natural materials for the production of its products, such as hemp, for the manufacture of its kits. A brand that also chooses to promote its know-how in the manufacture of AFNOR certified organic cotton masks.

But You’re French diversifies its offer to meet the needs

COVID-19 has boosted online sales, but has also changed consumer habits. Indeed, consumers are even more sensitive to the origin of the products, and are more willing to turn to Made in France. A sure value, both a guarantee of quality and know-how that counts for a customer. With the COVID-19, consuming French helps to revive the economy of sectors that were operating more slowly. These same sectors, driven by companies like But You’re French, then offer their creations. Creations that evolve as needed. In addition to its high-end range, the Bordeaux brand offers a range of masks made of fabric and organic cotton. AFNOR-certified masks to ensure safe use. These masks are also the guarantee of a value dear to the heart of the brand: the environment. A value that goes hand in hand with French manufacturing, so precious.

Indeed, by offering organic cotton masks for sale, But You’re French hopes to change attitudes, especially in terms of consumption. Disposable, single-use masks, which are widely used in Bordeaux, are gradually being replaced by these washable masks. This helps to limit the consumption of masks every day, knowing that a conventional surgical mask is worn for up to 4 hours. In this way, it greatly reduces the amount of waste produced by the inhabitants. At the same time, the ecological impact is felt, using less materials to produce masks. Completed the mask thrown into the wild, especially since this purchase is, in the long run, more profitable than the purchase of single-use masks. Other Bordeaux companies also offer the manufacture of reusable fabric masks such as Monsieur Tshirt. The brand goes even further by even offering the customization of its mask.

The organic and local dimension, a major advantage to radiate

Organic has entered the mores of consumers, so that today it is everywhere. In Bordeaux, clothes, food and even wine are organic. As a symbol of an approach that respects the environment, brands do not hesitate to highlight it. In addition, with the COVID-19 pandemic, many clients are deciding to take more care of the way they consume. For this, they buy products in short circuit, and do not hesitate to put the price. In New Aquitaine and Gironde, for example, local producers are very interested in consumers. A platform even allows you to list all producers by type to simply order. Reconnecting with nature, and helping to support struggling trades has become a must. For consumers, it is above all a guarantee of quality, without the use of chemical materials.

Health, animal welfare or respect for the environment are important to Bordeaux residents. There are many companies that are positioning themselves on these issues. Especially since, after COVID-19, the expressed need of consumers is of paramount importance. Like But You’re French, other textile companies have chosen to highlight their commitment. The Made in France is thus a reference of quality. For the well-being of everyone, but also of the world around us…


But You’re French – Eco-responsible brand 100% organic cotton 100% French manufacturing

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