Bordeaux: air tourism becomes clearer for the summer

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Air tourism will pick up some colour in Bordeaux with Ryanair’s summer programme. Every year, the calendar of destinations departing from Bordeaux airport offers destinations across Europe, at very attractive prices. A proposal that allows to revive tourism since, and to Bordeaux. Indeed, for more than a year now, the health crisis has deeply affected the tourism sector, and by extension the regional economy. The release of containment and the programming of these flights is therefore good news for the sector… Provided the situation does not deteriorate again.

The surge in air tourism for the summer

Ryanair, Europe’s largest airline, intends to relaunch air tourism as early as this summer. In particular, it has great ambitions for Bordeaux, an attractive French metropolis with significant potential. Also, the flight schedule is intended to be important, the largest ever proposed for the city. This summer, travellers will have the choice of 33 destinations to Europe, three of which are new. Figari, Menorca and Agadir are among the new cities flying directly from Bordeaux in July.

Otherwise, passengers will be able to travel to many other countries such as Belgium, Spain; Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Morocco, Poland, Portugal, the Czech Republic, or the United Kingdom… But also France, for all in-house flights to Figari, Lille or Marseille. A well-stocked catalogue, at attractive prices, and in direct flight only. The aim is to make tourists benefit as much as possible from their trip, while limiting the stopovers of the planes. Gradually, the challenge of airports like Bordeaux is to favour direct flights rather than stopovers in a hub like Roissy Charles de Gaulle.

Health measures will continue to be strictly enforced on board.

For example, Bordeaux Airport will be the departure point for 88 flights per week. A steady pace, perfectly demonstrating the will of air tourism to take off again. This momentum also shows that Ryanair is present and determined to contribute to the revival of tourism in France and abroad. The large offer of flights is not Ryanair’s only involvement in the airline tourism economy. The company also creates jobs. At Bordeaux alone, it represents 60 jobs, with two aircraft based on site.

Boosting air tourism with attractive prices

Airlines are suffering the health crisis head-on. The lack of financial aid weakens their activity, especially since the measures put in place also affect the filling of aircraft. However, Ryanair is positioning itself in the same segment as before the crisis to revive its business: low-cost tickets. This offer encourages families to go on holiday more, without asking for a substantial investment.

Also, the company wants to boost air tourism in 2021 with discounted offers to allow as many people as possible to leave… Tickets start at €19.99 from July until October 2021. Thus, tourists travel at the lowest rate, with flexibility… That of not having no change fee in the event of a date change. This program, already in place, allows travellers who cannot leave due to health constraints to postpone their trip for free.

Ryanair planes are about to return to the skies…

For this summer, Ryanair is offering customers to postpone their booking up to twice, until the end of October 2021. This allows them not to lose the fare at which they bought their plane ticket… If the health situation changes again. Faced with the diversification and regularity of the air tourism programme launched by Ryanair, the group hopes to revive tourism from Bordeaux… But also to this city, which attracts tourists from all over the world.

Another destination whose flight frequencies will also be increased by the airline from Bordeaux: Mykonos, Greece. An additional weekly flight will be set up from July 2021, also at prices that defy all competition.

Strengthening sanitary conditions for air travel

Travel conditions since the beginning of the health crisis are particularly strong in order to avoid any risk of contagion. In airplanes, they are all the more strengthened, as aircraft are enclosed spaces with a high human concentration. Thus, the appliances are systematically disinfected before each departure, the rate of filling also decreases.

Ryanair is one of the airlines that applies measures to simplify future travel. On its mobile app, it offers a digital wallet so that travellers can record the necessary documents for the trip. This includes airfare, but also a certificate of vaccination against COVID-19, or a recent PCR test, imposed by airlines to travel.

With these innovations, air tourism is on the runway for take-off, and is just waiting to leave!


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