Bordeaux, wine… and beer

Bordeaux is a city world famous for its wine. The wine-growing sector is very popular, with an area of 117,200 hectares of vineyards for Bordeaux’s vineyards alone. It, which attracts tourists from all over the world every year, seems unstoppable. And yet, another drink consumed around the world would be well on its way to competing with red gold… Beer. An alcoholic beverage that comes in forever to please everyone!

Brewing tourism, the new beer craze

Beer is an alcoholic beverage consumed all over the world, for all occasions. France is the 8th largest beer producer in Europe, according to an August 2019 study by Avise. Craft breweries are multiplying on the national territory, driven by a need to consume more traditional products. A return to the terroir, which develops complementary sectors of activity around beer. In Bordeaux, for example, the development of beer production and sales in recent years has led to new concepts.

The Escape Beer Bordeaux has thus made the crazy bet to develop a track game focused on this universal drink, but not just any way. With a network of partner bars, this event company offers its customers to take part in a full-size track game. A game combining tasting of craft beers and tourism, to discover Bordeaux by following the clues given to the participants.

These interactive and playful concepts appeal to locals who want to learn how to discover and appreciate beer as well as tourists who want to discover Bordeaux’s heritage. Like the tastings of renowned wines within the estates, the tasting of craft beers directly in the breweries could well appeal widely. Especially since, like wine, beer also has its language and its specificities. Far from the current consumer product, beer is a quality drink, which mixes aromas and complexity to the tasting.

Beer, between celebration and discovery

In Bordeaux, beer is the talk of the cause, and like wine, it becomes a consumer product that pleases and attracts. So much so that beer is celebrated with its own Bordeaux festival, just like wine. The BliB is an annual event that welcomes brewers from all over Europe to present their creations. During four days of festivities, beer is put in the spotlight, around activities for visitors, tastings. The event, which has been in existence in Bordeaux since 2017, attracts many visitors and brewers every year.

The 2020 edition originally scheduled for June has been postponed to June 2021 due to health constraints. COVID-19 has been there, and in Bordeaux as everywhere in France, has temporarily closed bars and restaurants, and forced event organizers to postpone or cancel planned events. Despite this, the beer industry is not under pressure, far from it.

Beer is consumed throughout the year, with some breweries producing specific vintages at certain times of the year. From more powerful Christmas beers, with more flavours to the more fruity beers of summer, the choices are varied. Because yes, beer can be enjoyed all year round, both with your family and on the terrace of a café. In addition, like wine merchants, some brands specialize in the sale of craft beers. A way to highlight the quality of this unique product.

Bordeaux, land of wines, but not only

While Bordeaux’s reputation is made in part by its wine, it is also carried by other drinks. Indeed, entrepreneurs are embarking on the democratization of new beverages. This is the case for Balbine Spirits,for example, which produces cocktails and artisan spirits. Vodka Nadé,also produces high-end vodkas from a totally Bordeaux production. This type of beverage is on the menu of bars and restaurants, just like the traditional wine list. The reputation of Bordeaux gastronomy is therefore combined with the quality of its artisanal productions. Their goal is to provide customers with a unique experience.

Bars, cafes and restaurants are gradually opening up, resuming their activity, in Bordeaux. With the arrival of the summer season, tourism professionals remain optimistic, and are preparing to welcome French and foreign tourists. A season that is both decisive, but also a source of renewal, where the will to run artisanal businesses is at the heart of the concerns. But all this, always respecting the barrier gestures, to fully enjoy his experience, in a café or during a game of track around beer …

Alcohol abuse is dangerous to health, to be consumed in moderation


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Bordeaux Beer Festival by Asso BLIB

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