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When it comes to shopping, the Bordeaux metropolis has a variety of offerings that few other French cities can boast. From small shops in Bordeaux shops to large brands, the mesh seduces shoppers. For casual shopping, an afternoon stroll or an impromptu shopping session, Bordeaux also relies on the complementarity of the offers. Thus, to the shops of clothing, shoes, jewelry, decoration, are added the points of sale for small breaks. This is the concept of shopping malls: combining shopping, catering and food. As a result, well-being helps to keep the client as long as possible and put him in good disposition…

However, if the mesh on the Bordeaux territory is well-crafted, it is clear that the distribution of shops is very uneven on the department. Indeed, most of the major shopping centres are located on Bordeaux Metropole. They thus drain a large part of the buyer traffic and turnover.

A plethora of shopping offers on Bordeaux Metropole

Les Grands Hommes, Mériadeck, Saint Christoly, Aushoppinbg Bordeaux Lac, Galerie Bordelaise, Rives d’Arcin, Mérignac Soleil… Bordeaux Metropole is full of shopping malls. In hyper-center or periphery, all seek to gain attractiveness.

Beyond these supermarkets, shopping in Bordeaux also owes a lot to independent shops. Among them, thrift stores, markets, flea markets, wine cellars, confectionery. The city centre is above all the place of expression of many luxury brands. Thus, jewellers and designers, leather goods and other specialty shops. A jewel of French luxury, Bordeaux is home to a large number of great houses and craftsmen. These contribute to the city’s national and international influence, in line with territorial marketing strategies. The focus is on the living environment, the installation of new businesses, the development of the Port of Bordeaux…

More than an agglomerate of shops, the Bordeaux city centre is a hub of know-how, valuing craftsmanship and modernity.

Beyond the traditional Rue Saint Catherine, and its most recent Promenade Sainet Catherine, the business ecosystem on Bordeaux is divided according to the districts in the making. Thus, the Quai des Marques, for example, benefits from a resurgence of activity driven by the Bassins à Flots, residences, schools, and hotels.

An overabundance of large and medium-sized areas

According to gironde’s 2019 territorial diagnoses, the area dedicated to shopping centres (GMS) increased by 30% between 2010 and 2017. However, at the same time, “population growth and the evolution of the consumption approach were only 9%”. A total of 1,642,000 square metres are reserved for shops on the Gironde, or 1,075 square metres per 1000 inhabitants (up 23% since 2010). By comparison, the density of commercial areas nationally is 994 m2 per 1,000 inhabitants.

This offer is estimated to generate an estimated turnover of 8,060 million euros in 2017, of which almost 60% is made on Bordeaux Métropole. However, this offer rich in large commercial areas is at the expense of city centres and towns. It also exacerbates commercial deserts and the risk of wasteland on the periphery and in the countryside, making shopping malls more attractive to consumers.

The effects of this competition are accentuated by the development of e-commerce that impacts traditional stores. However, changes in consumer behaviour and expectations coincide with new aspirations. Proximity, quality of life, ethical consumption… Which are not satisfied by the supermarkets, much to the delight of local shops and city centres.

A departmental action plan for an intelligent intensification of the commercial offer in Gironde

Aware of the increasing distortion between the supply of large commercial areas and the real needs of the territories, the Department of Gironde initiated a consultation and awareness-raising approach to the players in 2012. Explained in the Departmental Guidelines for Commercial Planning (ODAC33),it aims to master the construction or expansion of commercial spaces. Such initiatives are also carried out on a smaller scale, by the cities themselves.

Thus, to support job creation, crafts, small traders, the dynamism of the city centres, an action plan for trade has been in place since the end of 2017. In particular, he works to combat commercial vacancy, support independent shops and markets, promote short circuits, integrate the development of the city centre into urban planning policy…

The St. Catherine’s Promenade has been one of the notable projects of recent years. It contributes to the revitalization of the city centre. Although still located in the Golden Triangle, accessible by the long shopping street of the same name.

Located in the hyper-centre of Bordeaux, the Promenade has been resonating since October 2015. This open-air space is home to about thirty signs on two levels, with an offer for young and old. Designed around a mini water mirror and its fountain, this commercial space has apparently met the expectations of Bordeaux and tourists. The richness of the commercial offer is undeniable. In addition, opening shops on Sundays is definitely a more shopping.

The Digital, a boost to the players of shopping in Bordeaux

In addition to the arbitration approaches to the intensification of shopping areas in Bordeaux, there are also initiatives in favour of independent and local shops. In this context, Digital has a role to play.

More for tourists, the Bordeaux Gironde Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI) publishes the Bordeaux Shoppingapp. Originally a paper guide published every year since 1997, the app brings together more than 100 stores in the city. It allows a search by brand, offers the latest deals, displays the map according to its geolocation, provides a converter of size, currency, a list of favorites. It is also available in 5 languages and offline.

Beyond the support provided by local authorities and dedicated organizations, businesses themselves have the opportunity to take charge of their communication and promotion. Indeed, accessible to all, the Digital redistributes the cards, offering no more only visibility to giants and big brands like traditional media. In Bordeaux, different players are able to support the implementation and monitoring of such a social media strategy as the LEXANfirm, which specialises in Digital Business.

Traders then have the opportunity to expand their online presence to grow their sales.

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