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Bordeaux: the airport continues to evolve in 2021

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Bordeaux Airport is developing for a sustained resumption of flights by the summer. With the opening of its latest line linking it to Casablanca, Bordeaux Airport intends to show its determination to stay connected to the world. Paralyzed in part since the beginning of the pandemic, he intends to regain his dynamism… And thus respond to the desire of travelers to leave, according to the conditions announced by the airlines. An economic and health situation still uncertain, while the country is in confinement for the third time.

A new line connecting Casablanca and Bordeaux airport

This line was highly anticipated and was put in place on March 28; a direct flight from Casablanca to Bordeaux Mérignacairport. The latter was already proposing a link to Fez, another Moroccan city. Casablanca, the country’s economic capital, was also a logical destination. This route, operated by Air Arabia, allows to enrich the already well-stocked catalogue of Bordeaux airport. At the rate of two days of operations per week, the link intends to meet a growing demand from travellers. Thus, they will be able to make a Casablanca-Bordeaux journey on Mondays and Wednesdays, then the reverse route on Monday or Friday.

To date, Bordeaux Airport offers direct connections to other French cities, but also to Spain; Portugal; Morocco; Tunisia; Italy; Switzerland; Germany; Belgium; Netherlands and many other destinations. This allows the metropolis to shine around the world and become an important destination. Good news to revive international tourism,so important for the French economy.

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Bordeaux is an airport connected to the world.

For a few years now, the “neo-Aquitaine capital” has been constantly announcing new direct connections to cities around the world, such as to Montreal on an ad hoc basis. This helps to limit the number of stops, especially for fairly short flights. Indeed, stopovers take place at “hub” airports such as Paris Roissy, Orly in London, or Amsterdam. A waste of time with significant ecological impacts. With the introduction of direct links, CO2 emissions decrease and help mitigate the impact of commercial flights in France and around the world.

Green commitments for Bordeaux airport from 2021?

Bordeaux Airport is therefore involved in the promotion of new airlines around the world… But it is also concerned with environmental issues. Hence this desire to open many direct routes to nearby destinations, or destinations with significant demand. Impacted by airline restrictions and flight restrictions in the face of the spread of the virus around the world… Bordeaux Airport has seen a sharp drop in its traffic and its flight offer.

It also intends to offer nearly 88 weekly air routes to its various destinations by the summer of 2021. A decision that satisfies travellers during a crucial period for tourism. Especially since the announced deployment of the vaccine could facilitate access to flights. If airlines like Ryanair already propose the establishment of a “dematerialized file”, so that the traveller can put on his smartphone all the information about his health (PCR test, vaccines)… The gradual implementation of the “vaccine passport” announced by the French Government will make it easier to move around the world.

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The French want to travel more than ever.

But another topicality is added to the health issue related to COVID-19: the Climate and Resilience Act. The latter aims to eliminate all domestic links in France where there is an alternative rail solution of less than 2 hours and 30 hours. Thus, the shuttle between Bordeaux airport and Paris Orly will be phased out. This decision allows a reduction in CO2 emissions of 6.6% from metropolitan flights and 0.5% from flights from France. This airline is used annually by more than 550,000 passengers. Future projects could even extend to all rail alternatives of up to 4 hours.

Bordeaux resumes flights to Corsica with Easyjet

From the beginning of April until October, Bordeaux Airport once again offers connections to Corsica thanks to Easyjet. For example, Bordeaux people can travel to Ajaccio, Bastia or Figari at a reduced cost, always in accordance with the sanitary rules set by the Low Cost company. From June, the airport will also offer a link to Olbia, Sardinia, until September. A study conducted by Easyjet demonstrates the desire of the French to travel. 60% of them want to travel as much as possible in the summer of 2021… Subject to the lifting of restrictions.


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