Bordeaux: Age d’Or Services, an agency that listens to seniors

Age d’Or Services is recruiting new talent to meet the growing demand for home help for seniors. Since its creation in 1991, the group has been developing throughout France. An agency, present in the Bordeaux region, allows us to accompany our elders in their daily lives at home. With the pandemic, some sectors of activity are growing, including the home assistance and support sector. This agency continues to develop, as close as possible to its clientele, taking into account the new needs of the elderly.

Age d’Or Services, daily accompaniment

The Golden Age Services agency has been based in Pessac since 1999. It is a pioneering network in human services and the well-being of seniors at home. Over the years, the choice of older people to age at home grows, and requires rigorous support every day. The services offered by Age d’Or Services are therefore only aimed at seniors, and are available in several services.

Currently, the Pessac agency has 25 employees, 20 of whom have a full-time equivalent contract. But in the face of increasing demand and needs of seniors in the group’s area of action, it is necessary to recruit. For example, Golden Age Services plans to recruit an additional 5 to 10 people. Graduate, CDI and full-time Life Auxiliary positions. These people work in cities such as Pessac, Mérignac, Eysines, Bruges and Bouscat.

Senior helps auxiliary life support
Seniors are becoming more self-reliant.

The home assistance and Silver Economy service has been growing for several months, especially since the beginning of the pandemic. In the absence of a retirement home or specialized infrastructure, seniors wish to stay at home. A need for security, comfort and privacy, in a place they love. Also, the employees who accompany them have an important range of services. They help with the toilet, prepare meals,do their shopping, take care of the maintenance of their home, help them during bedtime.

It is for this reason that the profiles sought must have experience in order to be able to intervene with the most fragile. It is a passion profession where you do not improvise home help. Thus, the future collaborators of the agency Age d’Or Services show empathy, esteem towards their elders, to help their neighbors.

An Ageing Population, a Market for Golden Age Services

France is a country whose population is ageing more and more. Currently, more than 25% of French people are over 60 years old. By 2030, seniors will make up 30% of the population. The senior generation is very important, and is becoming more and more autonomous. So that by 2021, 90% of them want to age at home,which leads to an increase in support services. Among the most promising sectors of the Post-Pandemic French Economy, personal assistance plays an important role.

Seniors accompanied by Golden Age Services are on average 85 years old, and have specific needs. The Auxiliary of Life must therefore be trained and competent in order to be able to intervene with them for all the daily missions. But they are not left alone when they arrive. They are accompanied by a referent, and benefit from training throughout their professional career. The activity periods, from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., allow life assistants to visit all seniors every day.

Senior single woman home
90% of seniors want to age at home rather than in a nursing home.

This closeness, and the possibility of having a follow-up with the same person on a daily basis reassures the elderly. Indeed, many do not appreciate having a different interlocutor at each visit. Home help is an activity that enters the intimate lives of seniors, and having a trusted person every day helps to forge a strong bond. In addition, it provides strong support to family caregivers who care for a parent in addition to their work. In France, nearly 11 million people need a respite solution, provided by a professional trained to support seniors.

Benefits for developing the sector

Becoming a home helper or life support worker is not a job like any other. It is a profession-passion, where the human being is placed first. This relationship of trust and closeness is essential to reassure the elderly and allow them to age in a well-known, comfortable and secure environment.

In order to avoid the turn-over and consolidate its team, the Age d’Or Services agency in Bordeaux offers advantages to its future employees. All vacancies are full-time CDI contracts, with a gross remuneration of 10.42 euros per hour… That is, a net monthly salary of 1643 euros with paid leave. In addition, there is a 25% increase on Sundays, restaurant titles and a complete health insurance.


Help for seniors: the Agency Age d’Or Services of Bordeaux West recruits! News release issued on April 13, 2021

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