Bordeaux: Travel for the winter, an impulse at the airport

Bordeaux airport is relaunching its activity and showing its local or transit passengers that travel is back on the agenda. Faced with the economic recovery of many sectors, such as tourism, aircraft are back in service. Also, Bordeaux airport is relaunching and developing its catalog of offers. A momentum that follows the previous years, to promote travel around the world, live. Revive the economy, the activity of tourism stakeholders, and make Bordeaux shine throughout the world… Many objectives that the airport wants to fulfill.

New lines encouraging travel in France and around the world

On the occasion of the end-of-year celebrations, tourists are more numerous. Travel to go to his family, or escape to another country to enjoy his holidays… To meet these demands, and thus fully relaunch itself in the tourist activity, Bordeaux Airport is expanding its flight catalog. From domestic flights to proposals in Europe, or even internationally…

Also, for the winter, the airport develops its catalog, promoting new destinations. 10 metropolitan cities are in direct access from Bordeaux, with the airlines set up. A new line to the Overseas Territories is also available, to Pointe-à-Pitre. So many destinations to reconnect with its territory, to continue to support local tourism.

In Europe too, air links are multiplying. In total, there are 32 air links that allow you to escape to discover and share. Destinations in the sun, but also more cultural. Adapting to everyone’s desires, thanks to weekly connections, makes it possible to meet all requests . Flights especially at low prices, so that leaving is not a luxury, but a possibility for all Bordeaux residents who wish to go on a trip.

Bordeaux also offers 6 lines to Morocco, as well as one line to Algiers, and one to Tunis. North Africa is also a very popular region for travel. Connecting these destinations makes it possible to sustainably revive tourism, especially air tourism.

Wing aircraft flight travel
The destinations are numerous to meet all needs.

Bordeaux, moving faster and faster

By developing its travel catalogue, Bordeaux airport is betting on the attractiveness of the city. For family trips, or only tourist trips, the city relies on its assets to attract new travelers. The work begins in particular from the airport, in the interior fittings. In particular, with the inauguration of a brand new international reception area, intelligent from an ecological point of view. This space shows the city’s commitments in the ecological and energy transition.

The other major project of the airport is the extension of the Tramway line that will connect the entire Bordeaux metropolis to the airport. A direct link, which will complement the already existing offer with the bus lines that connect Bordeaux and its railway station to the terminals.

All these new facilities and modes of transport allow the city to be part of a more responsible and travel-facilitating approach. Limit the passage through international hubs, or make travel less complex… So many elements put in place by Bordeaux.


Winter flight program 2021-2022. Bordeaux airport press release published on November 18, 2021

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