Bordeaux: TikTok, a video springboard for brand visibility

TikTok is a social network that has become essential in France and around the world. The platform with one billion users is far from disappearing from trends, distinguishing itself with its mode of operation. On November 8th, BORDEAUX Business met Fabien LAXAGUE, the Director of Communication Tiktok France-Benelux and Spain. The opportunity to discover the world of TikTok and its impact on the economy and the functioning of brands. At his side, the young content creator Arthur BAUCHERON also shares his experience with the platform. A meeting that allows you to discover many aspects still unknown of this social network that is growing in power.

Arthur Baucheron, creator of Bordeaux content on TikTok had come to tell his experience.

TikTok, getting a message across in seconds

Since its creation, the social network TikTok has differentiated itself from its peers with its exclusively video content. Videos previously in short format (less than a minute), extended since to 3 minutes. For content creators, this format allows them to offer many types of videos, express themselves freely and interact with the community. The richness of TikTok lies in its mode of operation: an infinite scrolling, which adapts to the tastes of the person who holds the account.

This significantly improves the user experience, offering unique content for everyone. From the age of 13, budding videographers can then offer unique content. Content that parents can control for the youngest, by allowing or not other users to leave comments for example. Or to control the duration of daily use of the application to limit addiction.

According to a recent Kantar survey, 67% of TikTok users worldwide are over the age of 25. Fabien LAXAGUE affirms: “the TikTok community is not as young as we can imagine, and is benevolent”. Arthur BAUCHERON is a young local “Tiktokeur” with a disability. His humorous videos are a great success. Today, his community is close to 750,000 subscribers, and is very benevolent in the thousands of comments under each of his videos.

TikTok smartphone app
The TikTok app is used by more than a billion users worldwide.

A springboard of visibility for brands

Users are not just individuals who want to share a talent or part of their daily lives. Indeed, brands are also embarking on the creation of content on TikTok. Brands from sectors as varied as the types of video present on the platform. Also, in some fields, such as the journalist, finding a way to communicate in a short time, prioritizing especially video is a challenge. A challenge that some news media such as the Washington Post have been able to meet brilliantly, and especially with a lighter tone. Their goal? Shake up the codes of classic and serious information by adding humor without forgetting the subject to be transmitted. This video format then allows brands to differentiate themselves, diversify their content and attract a new audience.

Advertising also helps to bring content creators to life. Since March 2021, TikTok has set up a fund for creators, accessible under conditions. The content creator must have more than 100,000 views on his videos published in the last 30 days; must comply with the charter of good use of the platform. It then gets a fee, like content creators on Youtube who can monetize their videos.

There are therefore many areas of development at TikTok, which is a real springboard for brands. The visibility adapted according to the networks, the communities, which shows a little more the advantage of Digital in the communication …


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