Eysines Synthetic Field

Bordeaux: Synthetic field, the ecological renewal of outdoor sport

In Eysines, a brand new synthetic football field welcomes athletes. The inauguration of this new generation of equipment on 23 October 2021 marks a major step forward in the world of responsible sport. Indeed, this land, located in the heart of the Domaine du Pinsan, is part of an environmentally friendly approach. The municipality’s priority is also to offer athletes and users the benefit of a new synthetic field, on which to train in optimal conditions.

A synthetic field unique in the world

This brand new synthetic field is unlike any other. Indeed, it has been renovated with synthetic grass, as well as an ecologicalcoating. The latter has been designed so as not to alter the quality of play, but also to offer a sustainable field in its use. The commitments of the city of Eysines for these “green” sports facilities do not date from this field. In 2019, the city invested in the creation of a swimming pool heated with biomass.

Inauguration of the synthetic field stadium
The inauguration was held in the presence of the children, who were the first to test the field. Credit: Eysines Town Hall

When emptying the basin, the water is not discarded, but treated before being reused. They are used in particular to water public spaces, or to wash municipal vehicles. A responsible and ecological gesture that limits the overconsumption of water by promoting treatment and reuse. These commitments show the determination of the city of Eysines to act in favor of the environment.

The newly inaugurated football field dates from 2009, but was not responsible as is the new one. This renovation is possible with the very first 100% carbon neutral turf “Ligaturf Cross GT Zero” designed by the company Polytan. This new generation turf marks an important shift for responsible sports equipment, especially on the pitches.

An environmental commitment at the service of sports practice

Eysines has invested €478,272 for the construction of this totally innovative football field. Its design is made from sugar cane, a totally natural resource. Especially since the entire production chain is at the heart of a virtuous circle, or the use of green energies. A strong commitment to promote responsible equipment and facilities.

On traditional grounds, the underlays are made with microplastic. The brand new synthetic field aims to address this problem by offering greener alternative solutions. In order to improve the environmental balance, the land is equipped with a GT polybase solution. But not only that. Indeed, it also has a technology that allows an ecological use of carbon dioxide during the use of the land.

Eysines football field
This terrain does not alter the quality of the game. Credit: Eysines Town Hall

With this important innovation, the municipality of Eysines is pursuing two objectives. First of all, to promote the development of similar ecological projects, both in the very heart of its city, but also for neighboring cities. Bordeaux and its metropolis are indeed sensitive to the environmental dimension of such infrastructures.

The second ambition? Allow all users of this synthetic field to play on a field adapted to sports uses. This makes it possible to avoid injuries, and to meet all the issues relating to the practice of football.


Inauguration of the synthetic football field in Eysines on October 23, 2021. City of Eysines

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