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Bordeaux: SurJet, private business aviation becomes inclusive

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SurJet is a Bordeaux company that promotes personalization within business jets. For an ever more demanding clientele, the smallest detail counts. Exceptional request from the customer, promotional operation on board the aircraft… The company meets all needs with professionalism. A promising sector of the neo-Aquitaine economy, aviation is diversifying and creating jobs. Especially since to meet the needs of companies with an activity requiring many trips… The aircraft makes it possible to meet these speed requirements. SurJet takes care of every detail to make the ride go smoothly.

SurJet meets the requirements of business aviation

The development of business jets and private jets is quite recent. But today, according to Dassault, more than 17,000 business jets are in circulation around the world. This shows that air travel in the context of professional activity holds an increasingly important place. Indeed, at a time when companies are expanding internationally, or working with foreign partners… The issue of displacement becomes crucial.

Indeed, business aviation makes it possible to move faster than by taking an airliner. No need to wait at the airport, have to wait and check in luggage, depend on specific schedules and air connections… All these elements, which, combined, do not necessarily benefit business travelers.

Private jets are therefore attractive solutions, with high-end services, for a privatized trip. Business jets do not have a precise route, they adapt to the customer’s request. They can also land at many airports and airfields, where airliners cannot land. Facilitating the travel of these customers in a hurry also requires comfort. SurJet then meets the expectations of business leaders wishing to travel quickly.

SurJet customizes the interior of the aircraft according to customer requests. Care given to the headrests, but also to all the small details inside the device so that customers feel good… Nothing is left to chance. Brands can in particular ask to be at the heart of the interior decoration on cushions, plaids. Since its creation, SurJet has been making tailor-made equipment near Bordeaux to meet the needs of customers.

SurJet works with many airlines to meet all needs, and pays special attention to satisfying every order.

Private jet business meal
Business jet travel saves valuable time.

Promoting employment in a sector that is recruiting

SurJet’s strength is to be able to promote employment thanks to the increase in business jets in France and Europe. Indeed, Europe has recorded double-digit growth over the past 10 years. This suggests that the market is far from running out of steam… Quite the contrary. Business customers are increasingly able to access this type of service, which is generally perceived as elitist.

In order to meet the growing needs of the sector, SurJet has pushed its recruitments and is part of a positive approach. Indeed, SurJet has chosen to conduct an inclusive work operation, employing people with disabilities in its workforce. Inclusiveness is an important factor within companies, as are environmental efforts.

Also, SurJet has created a subsidiary that deals solely with the production, labeling, packaging and shipping of all the company’s products. This subsidiary will be mainly represented by employees with disabilities.

SurJet is also involved in the proposal of environmentally friendly materials. Indeed, the carpets they put at the entrance of the plane during business flights are 80% recycled… And all the elements are designed to respect the devices and nature.

Offer flexible and meticulous experiences to the smallest detail to facilitate the travel of customers in search of speed… SurJet’s core business to satisfy and offer a new way of travelling. Faced with the growth of demand and the private aviation market, there is no doubt that the activity of this company will develop further.


SurJet, an aeronautical accessorist, launches an inclusive subsidiary ShipperJet. Press release published on September 30, 2021

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