Bordeaux: Satellite 3, the inauguration at Mérignac airport

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Satellite 3 was inaugurated on Thursday, October 7, 2021. BORDEAUX Business was present at this event. Brand new building in the heart of Bordeaux airport, it welcomes international flights and brings many promises. Located next to the Control Tower, the International Pier was officially presented. For several years, Bordeaux airport has been betting on a more committed operation in favor of the environment; but also to promote the satisfaction and well-being of all travelers and airport staff.

In order to make its commitments to the environment a reality, Bordeaux Mérignac Airport is committed to the Conservatoire d’espaces naturels de Nouvelle-Aquitaine. The partnership aims to promote biodiversity and the protection of species. On 29 March, the two actors signed a 3-year agreement. The convention should make it possible to better understand, protect, manage and enhance the biodiversity around the airport.

Indeed, around the airport there are no less than 300 hectares of natural areas are present. As the concessionaire of the land, the Airport must conserve the natural spaces that host a remarkable biodiversity. In 2021, a complete inventory was held there to list the fauna and flora. This partnership with the Conservatoire d’espace naturels de Nouvelle-Aquitaine is therefore well integrated into the airport’s strategy to preserve the environment.

Simon DRESCHEL Bordeaux Airport
Simon DRESCHEL presented the brand new International Pier.

Simon DRESCHEL presents the commitment of the brand new Satellite 3

The inauguration of this brand new place took place in the presence of Simon DRESCHEL, Chairman of the Management Board of the Société Aéroportuaire; but also Patrick SEGUIN, President of the CCI of Gironde; and representatives of the Supervisory Board. Bordeaux airport is constantly evolving and modernizing to meet the demands and challenges of the region as well as players in the sector and travelers.

Satellite 3 responds to many ecological and societal challenges to this end. Simon DRESCHEL presents this brand new international pier as the best in construction.

Satellite 3 exists along two main axes. The first is to improve the quality of service for all, both for travellers and airlines. The second is to implement actions in favour of the environment. This building has been designed in High Environmental Quality. We then respond to an environmental and energy performance challenge.

Visit slopes Satellite 3 tower control
Satellite 3 is located at the foot of the control tower, at the edge of the runways.

Bordeaux airport aims for carbon neutrality by 2030. An ambitious goal, already well encouraged by obtaining ISO 14001 certification in December 2020. Started at the end of 2019, work on the construction of Satellite 3 is slowing down with the pandemic. But, according to Simon DRESCHEL, the context has been more motivated to move things forward. The arrival of this new space therefore delivers an optimistic message, in a project of the future.

The building therefore brings more comfort to travelers, at the foot of the slopes. LED lighting that adapts to the surrounding brightness to consume less, with an estimated saving of 96 MWHEP per year. The water used in Satellite 3 comes mainly from rainwater, which saves more than 1,000 m3 of drinking water per year. Construction waste is also recovered to reduce nuisances and pollution through better waste management.

Make Satellite 3 the first “good impression” of the region

The Satellite 3 is located at the foot of the runways, and has excellent sound insulation, so that it is possible to see the planes up close from inside the building… Without hearing them. Indeed, the glazing used makes it possible to reduce external sounds by 50 dB. Through this significant reduction,Bordeaux Airport wishes above all to make the experience of travelers even better.

Everything is designed in this space to make travelers feel good. Access to boarding gates is simpler with more orderly and fluid controls. Customs clearance is also facilitated with PARAFE (Rapid Automated Crossing at the External Borders) with the biometric passport. The airport’s goal? Facilitate travel around the airport so that travelers can access their boarding gate or leave the premises quickly.

Interior Boarding Lounge Satellite 3
The interior is designed for the comfort of travelers and for the benefit of the environment.

By designing satellite 3, the airport, the CCI, local authorities such as the city of Mérignac, Bordeaux and the metropolis… but also the DGAC (Directorate General of Civil Aviation) have thought about the future. The challenges of tomorrow for the region and to meet the needs of all the actors concerned by these developments.

According to Patrick SEGUIN, President of the CCI Gironde, the stakes were important and indispensable. A real “Cocorico” that will highlight the commitments of Nouvelle-Aquitaine in terms of energy and environmental performance.

This was an ambitious plan for the airport. A plan with an environmental dimension thought before the pandemic. We want the airport to become green in the long term through all the projects we carry out at the same time. An investment plan of €160 million over several years is in place for this purpose. These investments are essential because they improve the impact of buildings on the environment.

Patrick SEGUIN

Promising ambitions to come around the airport

Bordeaux airport continues to develop. The inauguration of Satellite 3 marks the first major change in a series of developments for the well-being of all. The question of mobility arises, especially to get to and from the airport. The main work in progress concerns the extension of the tramway to the airport. This will reduce travel time from the centre of Bordeaux, but also facilitate access to the entire metropolis thanks to the public transport network.

The forecourt of the airport is also under construction. Like Satellite 3, the ambition of the contributors of this project is to make it go to. Simon DRESCHEL describes it as a green space, with trees and a layout facilitating the arrival of travelers.

Inauguration of the Satellite 3 banner
The inauguration in the presence of the actors of the construction of Satellite 3.

At the dawn of the arrival of hydrogen and electric aircraft, the airport’s ambitions are stronger than ever. As Patrick SEGUIN says: “When we have electric and hydrogen aircraft, then we will have more aircraft. In Northern European countries, they use a lot of hydrogen trucks. They have achieved carbon neutrality on this point, and have more trucks, with 500 km of autonomy.”

Satellite 3 is already open for international flights. It makes it possible to revive air tourism, already well off to a good start with a significant peak in August. If the resumption of traffic at its 2019 level will not be done for 3 to 4 years, Simon DRESCHEL intends to take care of the quality of the reception of all travelers every day. Business travelers, commercial travelers, military, or even sanitary must be welcomed in the best conditions so that their first impression of Bordeaux is irreproachable.

Ambitions that allow the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region to shine… And more than ever to be part of this approach of the future.


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