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Bordeaux: Picasso invites himself to the Cité du Vin

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Picasso will make his debut at the Cité du Vin in Bordeaux in 2022. Several times a year, the Bordeaux monument dedicated to wine creates different temporary exhibitions. These exhibitions highlight historical periods, but also artists and great names in wine and art in general. Highly appreciated, and distinct from the visit of the museum and the permanent exhibition, it paves the way for more Art in the heart of the Metropolis. The Cité du Vin is a high event venue around wine and creation. A place that attracts tourists and locals who love discovery, escape… To discover wine and its history. Art exhibitions like Picasso’s make this monument even more attractive, reinforcing the city’s reputation for Art.

Picasso, an artist who highlights wine in his art

Picasso is a world-famous artist, a painter whose works are renowned, and exhibited throughout the world. The Cité du Vin highlights the works of this artist during an exceptional exhibition from April 15 to August 28, 2022. This exhibition will not include emblematic paintings such as Guernica or Les Demoiselles d’Avignon… But paintings around wine, painted by Picasso.

Indeed, more than 80 works will be exhibited in the gallery of the Cité du Vin, sixty of which were signed by Picasso. The whole of this exhibition has been designed by Stéphane Guégan, to make it both lively, playful… And accessible to the general public, in order to be able to address all generations, amateurs as well as neophytes. All this, by putting at the heart of this unique and exceptional event the place of wine in all of Picasso’s paintings.

To succeed in creating such an exhibition, the Cité du Vin was able to count on solidarity and collaboration. Indeed, the Picasso museums in Paris and Barcelona have lent works by the Spanish artist for the duration of the exhibition… But also private collectors, whose possessions meet the criteria and about the Cité du Vin. These generous loans make it possible to carry out such events, to make art accessible to all.

“Picasso and wine” will be the title of this exceptional exhibition, to be discovered in the Cité du Vin. This is the fifth temporary exhibition proposed by the museum, always around wine. An exhibition translated into several languages, to allow as many people as possible to come and admire the paintings and learn their history. An international meeting for art and history, therefore.

Picasso Exhibition Museum
Picasso is one of the artists who created paintings on the theme of wine.

The Cité du Vin, a mecca of art… and wine

Since its creation, the Cité du Vin has been one of the Bordeaux monuments most appreciated by tourists and locals alike. The city is indeed linked to wine, and attracts lovers from all over the world. In addition to upcoming exhibitions such as Picasso’s, the Cité du Vin also has a permanent exhibition. A journey that allows you to discover the history of wine through the ages and in the world…

Currently, the current exhibition is “Drinking with the Gods”. A different exhibition from that of Picasso to come, with a sound and visual journey to make the visit more lively. This exhibition is still on view until November 7, before giving way to Picasso’s works.

Bordeaux is a city focused on art and culture. Its museums each offer an experience to live, through certain forms of art, different subjects and currents. The Cité du Vin thus focuses mainly on wine culture, emblematic in Bordeaux. It highlights the vineyards, and the work of the winegrowers, at the heart of its exhibition.

The latter is not only limited to the cultivation of Bordeaux wine, but of wines from all over the world. Witness its belvedere, where all visitors can take a tasting break, with wines from around the world. A selection of red, white, rosé, or even sparkling wines, to discover various flavors. All with a breathtaking view of the city, and the banks of the Garonne.

Since its opening, the Cité du Vin conquered. The Picasso exhibition is already eagerly awaited, and still promises many successes for the Cité du Vin.


Picasso and wine: an exhibition event presented in 2022 at the Cité du Vin in Bordeaux. Press release of La Cité du Vin published on September 16, 2021

Exhibition “Drinking With the Gods” City of Wine

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