Bordeaux: New large-scale real estate project in Bouscat

A brand new large-scale project will soon see the light of day in Bouscat, led by the real estate developer Spie Batignolles. Bordeaux continues to develop, both in terms of infrastructure and real estate programs. Proof of this is the announcement of the construction of a tertiary and mixed pole consisting of two real estate complexes. Through this project, the sector shows once again that the Bordeaux metropolis is not ready to stop its development. To continue to offer modern solutions to businesses and residents.

Le Bouscat attracts the real estate projects of tomorrow

Le Bouscat is a city that has experienced constant development in recent years. With the deployment of the network to cover its territory, the city gains in attractiveness. In the Ravezies sector, straddled between Bordeaux and Bouscat, a brand new real estate program will see the light of day. A program of tertiary and mixed buildings on a floor area of more than 12,000 m² in total. In short, a major project that contributes to the development of the city.

Especially since the buyers are already known. Keys REIM has invested for the first set of 6500m² of offices, composed of modular spaces, as well as shops. The whole is labeled by a “socially responsible investment”. Faced with the evolution of working methods and the rhythms of employees, the need for office is evolving. Indeed, with the deployment of teleworking, work habits are not the same. Companies are now favoring spaces that evolve, to create offices or spaces for collaboration and exchange as needed.

The other set was acquired by the YNOV graduate school, which offers courses in the digital field to its students. On a surface of 4700m², the campus will open its doors at the beginning of September 2023. The building of the future campus will be spacious to promote the well-being of students and its stakeholders. It consists of 26 classrooms, 2 video studios, 3 post-production boxes… But also a large multipurpose room of more than 500m², with retractable bleachers to adapt to the needs and uses of this room.

This program made possible thanks to Spie Batignolles and Cushman & Wakefield in exclusive mandate makes it possible to shape the new face of Bordeaux and the city of Bouscat.

Building bouscat real estate program
The Bouscat program wants to highlight the environment.

Commitments to the environment

All the new real estate programs that are being built in Bordeaux and its metropolis have one thing in common. Restore a central place to the environment, and highlight the city’s commitments to the energy and environmental transition. The Bouscat project is no exception to the rule, with a space designed around greenery, to promote the development of islands of freshness and places for biodiversity.

For the inhabitants, the presence of these green spaces also brings benefits to the people who go there. Indeed, this makes it possible to offer shaded spaces, but also to favor urban gardens. The buildings, too, are designed to support these commitments. In Bouscat, as in Bordeaux in the rehabilitated districts, the use of greener materials reduces the ecological impact of buildings. Thus, the use of wood makes it possible to pollute much less, while accelerating the speed of construction of buildings. The use of large glass surfaces makes it possible to promote natural lighting, and thus limit the expenditure of electricity. A gesture as good for the environment as for the economy of the company!

The Bouscat program is part of a future approach with these two ambitious real estate complexes. By designing similar real estate programs in the heart of cities, developers want to contribute to soft mobility. Getting around using bike paths, pedestrian paths or public transport… Everything is done to limit travel and promote all activities in a limited area.

Bordeaux is the scene of the evolution of the historic districts of the metropolis. Indeed, like the Bouscat, neighborhoods dedicated to the company are developing, shaping the faces of old neighborhoods. Taking care of the environment, while offering a healthy and attractive program… A challenge to be met without delay.


Launch of a new tertiary and mixed pole in the Bouscat district of Bordeaux. Spie Batignolles press release of 7 October 2021

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