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My Urban Experience is one of those concepts that are reinventing tourism. In the landscape of escape games and puzzle games for the general public… Outdoor activities are becoming more and more stand out. Allowing tourists, but also families living nearby to discover a city through play marks an important shift for immersive leisure concepts. For tourism, these activities also contribute to recovery. After difficult months related to the pandemic, the time is now to revive by all means the attractiveness of the Bordeaux metropolis. Indeed, it is one of the most popular destinations for tourists from all over the world. Its wines, its gastronomy, but also its architecture contribute to this reputation.

My Urban Experience, to discover the city while having fun

Already a leader in cultural visits and fun activities in Paris, My Urban Experience is deployed in Bordeaux. The company also claims to be an actor in sustainable tourism in French cities. To propose an original concept, My Urban Experience relies in particular on the experience of its expert guides. People all employees on permanent contracts, who know the streets of the city by heart, as well as all the secrets that are related to them.

This allows the company to offer a unique experience to tourists and all their customers, moving away from travel guides and offering a game that is as immersive as it is entertaining. Indeed, the concept is approaching the Escape Games. This is an activity that allows you to play with puzzles to solve to get to the end of the game. In the case of My Urban Experience, theEscape Game does not take place in an enclosed space, where going out is the goal… But in the heart of the city, with as clues the architectural or artistic elements hidden everywhere.

This makes it possible to discover the city from a new angle, and to interest an ever wider audience. Indeed, as much for traditional Escape Games you have to be reactive or great for some advice … As much for My Urban Experience, the activity is open to all. This adds more fun, and allows the whole family to enjoy a moment together. Indeed, for this experience, the teams consist of 2 to 6 people.

Faced with the success of the Escape Games, the concepts are developing, evolving to meet the needs and expectations of customers. The latter want to change, after escape games in virtual reality,concept, or even nomads to continue to have fun even in confinement …

City tour of Bordeaux center bell tower
More than an escape game, a life-size experience in the heart of Bordeaux.

Developing tourism in new ways

Bordeaux is a metropolis that does not have to be ashamed of its reputation. It usually attracts millions of tourists every year, who appreciate its sweetness of life. Also, with the pandemic, it is difficult to continue this beautiful story and continue to develop the attraction of foreign tourists, who cannot come. Thus, focusing on its customers and on national tourism becomes a priority.

My Urban Experience wants to offer another way to discover the cities of France such as Bordeaux. The latter, driven mainly by tourism around wine or gastronomy has many other assets. In particular a very advanced culture on architecture or urban art. These are also different activities that the company offers, in order to meet as many requests as possible.

Also, like My Urban Experience, activities, concepts are created to offer different experiences. This makes it possible to please a greater number, but also to offer as many activities as the riches that the city entails. In addition to having a success with wine tourism, the city also has many museums and stories to discover during walks in its streets.

For tourism professionals, and companies, these offers to tourists allow them to revive their activity while contributing to the attractiveness of life. An escape game in the middle of nature like the one offered by My Urban Experience has several advantages. To discover the city, on the one hand… But also promote soft mobility, through walking. One of the challenges dear to the heart of the city…


MY URBAN EXPERIENCE in Bordeaux: fun outdoor activities to do with family and/or friends. Press release of September 15, 2021

Unusual guided tours in Bordeaux and outdoor escape game in Bordeaux My Urban Experience

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