Bordeaux, metropolis winner of the smart tourism award for 2022

Bordeaux is one of the cities that stand out in Europe for their commitment to smarter and more sustainable tourism. For years, the Gironde capital has been transforming and developing new modes of operation for a better environmental impact. The metropolis attracts visitors from all over the world every year. Seaside, gastronomic and wine tourism, Bordeaux seduces the greatest number. This newly won distinction helps to put the city even more in the spotlight.

Bordeaux, an inspiring metropolis for the future

Bordeaux has just received the European Smart City Award for 2022. It shares this title with the city of Valencia, Spain. The third edition of this competition highlights innovative and sustainable tourism practices. Bordeaux stands out for its cultural richness. Indeed, it is the largest territory classified by UNESCO in the world with 347 monuments. Its geographical position is also an asset, located in a pleasant environment, close to the vineyards. In addition, its openness to Europe and the world allows it to transform and evolve.

Bordeaux is also a city very involved in another major project: urban regeneration. The metropolis is transforming to evolve all these infrastructures towards greener and more responsible models. Thus, gradually, entire neighborhoods emerge from the ground, or evolve to tend towards smart and less energy-intensive buildings. Ginko, Brazza and Euratlantique are very good examples of this large-scale transformation.

This also applies to the extent of its public transport network, favouring electric and soft mobility. Developing a city with fewer vehicles and a better range of solutions makes it possible to be part of a greener development. Bordeaux, an attractive city for business, is also supported by its commitments.

City aerial view Bordeaux
Bordeaux is a city that is being built towards the future.

A distinction based on four main categories

To define the winning city of the Smart Tourism Award, the European Commission relies on different criteria divided into four categories. Sustainability, accessibility, digitalisation as well as cultural heritage and creativity are then taken into account.

Highlighting the richness of the tourist offer reflects the attractiveness of the metropolis. Bordeaux is known for its oenological offer around the world: it is the largest wine region in the world with 7000 castles. More than 65% of the Bordeaux vineyard area is certified for its efforts for the environment. But it is also involved in the promotion of greener viticulture, especially for the reduction of pesticides. To this end, €1.2 million has been invested in wine research.

The Bordeaux metropolis through its evolution also promotes the creation of many jobs. Positions that echo the new challenges and positions of the city to meet the needs and expectations of institutions and residents. A vector of development, of progress, to continue to make Bordeaux shine internationally…


Tourism: Bordeaux, Middelfart and Valence win the 2022 Sustainable Tourism Awards. Press release from the European Commission published on 26 October 2021

An EU initiative to reward innovative and smart tourism in European Cities!

BORDEAUX – European Capital of Smart Tourism 2022

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