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Bordeaux: Mamie Mijote, a healthy and supportive cuisine

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Mamie Mijote reinvents the model of meal preparation. Based in Bègles, the company is enjoying unprecedented success, driven by an innovative concept. With the pandemic, many households have chosen to deliver food when they could not cook. But apart from restaurant dishes, the dishes of mass distribution or some companies are not as appetizing as hoped. An observation that disturbs consumers, eager to eat healthy and tasty dishes.

Mamie Mijote, a company full of healthy and human values

While employees have been returning to the offices for a few months now, the question of catering continues to arise. Some companies, such as Seazon among others, offer delivery of fresh meals to the workplace for the week. Consumers are becoming more sensitive to their consumption patterns. They are looking for local products, fresher, more qualitative… But above all to promote the human dimension and solidarity.

In this context, Mamie Mijote was born. The company cooks fresh,healthy meals with seasonal and local products… And delivers them to the address provided. But the difference with other companies lies in its team, composed of seniors. Indeed, the latter take care of concocting delicious dishes, the famous “grandmother’s recipes”. They also take care of the delivery. This functioning, solidary and human, also makes it possible to break the isolation.

This approach makes it possible to encourage interactions, while promoting a healthier and tastier diet. With the pandemic, consumer expectations are changing. Turning to better products, from a local and reasoned agriculture seduces more and more. Eat better, take good habits, so many elements for the benefit of Mamie Mijote.

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Grandma’s recipes appeal to all generations.

A success at the rendezvous

Mamie Mijote has met with unprecedented success since its launch 3 years ago. Every day, customers can order homemade dishes online and have them delivered to the place of their choice. The company even offers group offers for business meals and business events.

The recipe for success therefore seems to take particularly well. Indeed, in three years of activity, the company has not lost a single customer. An indicator that perfectly shows that the concept seduces, works, and responds to current issues. Especially since the company also relies on an ecologicalapproach. All dishes are packaged in glass jars to promote reuse… And thus limit waste and waste.

Mamie Mijote now wants to expand to follow the flow of requests and offer new dishes… As well as an even more efficient storage and delivery system. But this growth requires a fundraising of up to € 400,000. To achieve this, the company relies on crowdfunding on the Tudigo platform. The latter is aimed at local projects with a strong impact on the market, which is the case for Mamie Mijote.

Grandma’s dishes, so appreciated by all generations, intend to continue their growth… Mixing silver economy, healthy food, and local dimension.


Grannies in the ‘Mamie Mijote’ meal delivery service raise funds. Tudigo press release published on November 9, 2021

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