Bordeaux: Forever Living, a major recruitment in Gironde

The company Forever Living continues its growth and establishes itself a little more in the heart of the Gironde. Strengthened by its wide network, the company settles for 5 days at the shopping center of Bègles Rives d’Arcins. Thus, from 25 to 30 October 2021, the general public will discover the world of this brand present in more than 160 countries. With this operation, Forever Living hopes to attract and employ 100 new people across the Gironde. An operation that would make it possible to radiate a little more the impact of the company on the Bordeaux territory.

Forever Living, the leader committed to aloe vera

The cultivation and sale of aloe vera is the heart of Forever Living’s business. Indeed, the company grows by taking care of the sale of aloe vera throughout the world. In its evolution, it is based on a network marketingmodel, an operation that allows sellers to be independent, and not employees. The schedules are freer, the organization just as much, but nevertheless, the salary varies according to the individual results of the sellers.

Forever Living offers a very fashionable product, appreciated for its many qualities and interests beauty and health. To ensure the quality of its final product, the brand grows aloe vera itself, which it sells in plots that belong to it. Once the aloe vera is harvested, she also takes care of recovering the mucilage (the pulp of aloe vera) before selling the final product.

In France, the brand sells more than 1000 liters of products every day. This clearly demonstrates the impact of its activity on the national territory, as well as the efficiency of the network constituted by all the sellers present on the territory. By recruiting 100 new people in Gironde, Forever Living continues a little more to extend its action on the country.

The success of the brand is all the greater as it offers a certifying training provided at EM Lyon. A factor that reassures and shows how much training is multiplying to meet the different challenges.

Aloe Vera grows culture cutting
Forever Living cultivates its own aloe vera fields.

Changes of course, an awareness

The pandemic has developed desires for change among employees. For many, the opportunity to change path, career. For others, an opportunity to obtain additional income, especially after a partial activity. This solution of becoming self-employed also allows all those who do not have a job to be able to work and have income despite the difficulty of finding a more traditional job as an employee.

With the pandemic, employment has changed considerably. Indeed, companies in certain sectors face difficulties in operating during the period. On the other hand, employees’ desires are also changing. No longer going to their workplace promotes autonomy, and the desire to undertake. For many, network marketing allows them to work “on their own” while being free to exercise at their convenience.

However, all the advantages of this system are essentially based on the relationships that the “self-employed” have with their customers. Indeed, the seller contacts his relatives and sells them the products he represents. A kind of VRP that travels to the home, or that sells to order as for Forever Living, for example.

Are these changes in the labour market only temporary, as a result of a long year of pandemic? Or is it a practice that intends to settle more permanently in the professional landscape? Direct sales in France represent a turnover of 4.63 billion euros in 2019, generated by more than 700,000 people. It also generates 63,000 indirect jobs.

In Gironde, in 2019, direct sales represent an important market. Indeed, this sector generates more than 17,004 jobs and represents a turnover of €112,770,796. An amount that demonstrates the weight and emergence of this sector… Even before the pandemic began.


FOREVER LIVING is recruiting in Gironde! Press release of October 7, 2021

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