Bordeaux: CosmetiCar takes care of your vehicle

CosmetiCar invites itself to the Bordeaux region, to take care of vehicles in an ecological approach. Since 2003, in Marseille, the company has been revolutionizing the maintenance of cars for individuals, professionals and leisure. A great success at a time when environmental issues are more relevant than ever. This eco-responsible washing offer thus makes it possible to combine an irreproachable quality of service with indisputable efficiency. CosmetiCar is thus part of a quality approach, while respecting the planet without wasting resources. A bet that seduces customers, who expect innovative and responsible solutions.

CosmetiCar, a waterless wash for more cleanliness

Washing your car is most often summed up in a large amount of water, washing product, rollers or a powerful brush broom and intense rinsing. So much water used to wash your vehicle! CosmetiCar estimates that the exterior cleaning of a vehicle requires about 250 liters of water and the use of products that are not always healthy for the environment. When we know that the country had on January 1, 2021 more than 44 million registered vehicles, the figures are telling.

These figures have therefore pushed CosmetiCar to propose an innovation. A solution that would solve problems such as the overconsumption of water to wash a vehicle… While turning to more environmentallyfriendly products. Thus, the washing proposed by the company does not use a drop of water, but natural products with an even more effective action than a “traditional” wash.

Thus, the range of services offered by the company is quite extensive and offers complete services to take care of the vehicles. The exterior maintenance of the vehicle, as in the classic lavomatics… But also the interior maintenance, the advertising sticking so as not to damage the bodywork … Or the renovation of the seats, and the headlight optics if necessary. This allows the vehicle owner to drive in safe conditions, and in a clean car.

Also, CosmetiCar strives to use only products without aerosols or toxic products to clean cars more efficiently. The company then makes it possible to provide sustainable solutions to individuals as well as professionals and makes the bet to use more ecological and quality products.

Today, CosmetiCar seems to have found the way to success. More than 100 branches are currently open throughout France, but also in Switzerland and Spain. The latest, opened near Bordeaux, will bring an eco-responsible solution to the middle of the vineyards.

Happy man clean car
Even without water, the vehicles cleaned by CosmetiCar are clean.

Washing solutions in the era of time

With the news, it is impossible not to think about the pandemic and health constraints. As with the maintenance of premises and offices, the disinfection of certain types of vehicle is essential. Also CosmetiCar offers its customers to disinfect their vehicle on request with an ozone treatment and a complete disinfection by virucide.

The company primarily targets all so-called “front-line” professionals who work with fragile people, or potentially carriers of the virus. This concerns in particular the nursing staff (doctors, firefighters, police, paramedics)… But also all jobs where human contact is frequent, such as for taxis, VTCs or buses. These are enclosed places where viruses and bacteria multiply rapidly.

This makes it possible to secure all the people who cross paths in these places, while ensuring a quality of service specific to the reputation of the company. CosmetiCar’s offer adapts to all needs, offering a service adapted to each vehicle, to each customer.

But beyond that, CosmetiCar doesn’t just manage road vehicles. The company can also intervene in the maintenance of more substantial means of transport. For example, taking care of the maintenance of boats, agricultural machinery, and even planes or entire metro trains. Vehicles with specific needs, where people meet throughout the year.

Environmentally friendly and resource-efficient maintenance concepts are the future of our world. Products tend to be more and more natural and without impact on the planet. There is still progress to be made on a large scale, but the first step is already well done.


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