Bordeaux, one of the cities of the world where to start a business

The number of business starters is growing every year. Create a new concept, appropriate a prosperous market, but one that lacks offers… These are all motivating elements to start on your own account in the life of an entrepreneur. Some cities and large cities of the world are more favourable to the proper development of new businesses. To achieve a ranking, several data are to be taken into account. Elements relating to the creation of the company, the support of the country or the city in the face of the epidemic… But also the criteria relating to import / export, especially if the metropolis is open to the rest of the world.

Bordeaux, 46th city where to start

Oberlo has carried out a major study that shows which are the most dynamic metropolises in the world in terms of entrepreneurship. In order to create a ranking, the study relies on various elements that matter in the life of an entrepreneur. In terms of infrastructure, first of all, with the economic freedom of the city. In this regard, Singapore is leading the way, followed by Hong Kong and Auckland in New Zealand. Three cities that offer an ideal quality of business life.

The French metropolises follow one another, lower in the ranking. Paris is 55th, followed by Bordeaux (56), Marseille (57) and Nice (58). They are therefore focused on entrepreneurship, but still have room for improvement compared to other cities in the world. Economic freedom takes into account major aspects that are fundamental to a country. The right to private property; complete freedom of movement for the employees, capital and assets of an enterprise; but also the total absence of coercion or constraints on economic freedom.

In some metropolises, creating your own structure on the model of an SARL requires more or less time. If Bordeaux is one of the cities where the delay is among the shortest (about 4 days), it remains far from Auckland. Setting up your business in the New Zealand megalopolis takes only half a day. On the other hand, a person who wants to set up his business in Poland will have to be more patient. Count 37 days in Warsaw or Krakow to see your company exist legally!

Becoming an entrepreneur is therefore not an easy journey, depending on the city in which you want to settle. It is then necessary to take into account all the criteria that concern his project, to launch serenely.

Supporting business leaders in their evolution, a momentum of development

If the last few months have put a point forward… This is the importance of the aid granted to companies, whatever their size or sector of activity. The context seems very unfavorable to create your company in a global pandemic situation… And yet governments are mobilizing to support companies in their development. In France, in particular, the regions and public bodies offer various measures and aid to support all sectors of activity.

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Some countries are more supportive of entrepreneurship.

Italy is the country most willing to help its entrepreneurs in the face of Covid-19. On the podium, we find Milan, Rome and Florence. Three Italian cities, which suffered the crisis at the same time as France, but which benefit from more support and aid. The top cities are in 26th place (Paris), followed by Bordeaux (27th) and Marseille (28th).

Other commitments also count towards the success and attractiveness of these cities for business leaders. In particular, the place of women entrepreneurs. On this aspect, it is the American cities that hold the podium. New York leads the way, followed by Los Angeles and San Francisco, three cities open to innovation and parity. The first French city in the ranking is only at the 30th position. This is Nice, followed by Bordeaux (40th) and Paris (41st). Many events highlight women in entrepreneurship such as Be A Boss,or Action’Elles.

A technological shift, from Bordeaux to London

The pandemic has also revealed other needs, such as the emergence of digital technology in some countries. In France, it has been able to support the activity of many sectors of activity, in particular in restaurants, culture or trade… Sectors that have turned to technology to grow. But France lags far behind other countries for which technology is an integral part of their strategy.

Indeed, if the podium is occupied by London, New York and San Francisco… France is at the bottom of the ranking, with Bordeaux in 72nd place, followed by Marseille (73rd) and Nice (74).


Oberlo Ranking of the 75 metropolises where it is good to undertake

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