Bordeaux: Carrément Fleurs, a local supply above all

Carrément Fleurs, a franchise network involved in the local dimension? This is undoubtedly the strongest commitment on the part of a chain of florists in France. As All Saints’ Day approaches, the relatives of the deceased are preparing to lay flowers in their honor. Along with Valentine’s Day, this is the most important period for professionals in terms of activity and sales. For consumers, purchasing behaviour has been changing, especially since the pandemic.

Carrément Fleurs focuses on the local dimension

Since its creation in 2006, then its deployment in franchise network in 2012, Carrément Fleurs has been involved in the sale of responsible flowers. Indeed, producing and buying locally makes it possible to contribute to the activity of producers in the region. Consumers are much more vigilant about what they buy, and are more sensitive to local production.

This phenomenon has been even more true since the pandemic. Indeed, this period marked a real awareness among consumers, who are more sensitive to local purchases. Support local producers, turn to Made In France, decisions as positive economically as ecologically.

Thus, Carrément Fleurs is widely involved in the promotion of French flower producers. Since 2012, when its franchises were created, the chain has been collaborating with a local lily of the valley producer. But the company also has partners who supply it throughout the year. Thus, since May 2020, a Sarthois producer has been supplying peonies and tulips treated without pesticides.

This collaboration appeals to consumers who are receptive to these commitments. Better consumption, even in the purchase of flowers, helps to support the local economy by being part of a responsible approach.

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The flowers offered by Carrément Fleurs come from local productions.

Eysines and Sainte Eulalie are committed to local Chrysanthemums

Near Bordeaux, Carrément Fleurs is committed to providing customers with local chrysanthemums. The two franchises of Eysines and Sainte Eulalie have chosen to source French flowers from local producers. Paying tribute to his missing loved ones while consuming locally and French is a priority for many customers.

Thus, in general, more than 63% of French people are turning to more local consumption, all sectors combined. This allows them to contribute to local economic life, showing their support for local businesses and artisans.

For the entire network, this also shows an important desire to source only from local producers, in order to promote the local dimension. This commitment allows the company to stand out, by fore fore building strong links with local professionals. Keeping the economy alive, but also encouraging consumers to mobilize to consume locally… So many goals that Carrément Fleurs has been pursuing for years.

Eco-responsible and ecological production also has a positive and strong impact on the planet. Another criterion to which customers are sensitive. On All Saints’ Day,as throughout the rest of the year, consuming local helps to support local shops, and encourages people to buy better.


Carrément Fleurs Gironde: chrysanthemums from France. Press release published in October 2021

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