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Bordeaux: Bernicia strengthens its position in the object-based communication market

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Bernicia was created 28 years ago in Bordeaux and supports professionals in their communication through the object. In nearly 30 years, the company has established itself as a reference on the advertising market in Aquitaine. Objects and image clothing, business gifts, event products, tailor-made manufacturing… To broaden its field of action, Bernicia opened a branch in Angers in 2020. Far from stopping there, it accelerates its deployment by buying Trade Union, a Parisian agency for communication by the object. A notable acquisition since by getting closer to this company, Bernicia acquires the expertise and notoriety acquired by 25 years of existence, 12 employees, 5000 customers and 5 million euros in turnover in 2020. It is also an opportunity to strengthen its territorial network in France, aggregate new skills and strengthen its technical know-how.

The advertising object, a popular means of communication for companies and consumers

In France, the market for communication by the object has remained relatively stable for nearly a decade. It is therefore a mature market, which does not suffer from the rise of digital. So much so that for several years, it represents 1.3 billion euros in turnover. According to an IREP study, each year, advertisers spend a total of €31 billion on their communication. Advertising therefore accountsfor 4.4% of advertising investment, ahead of radio (2.9%) andbillboards (4.4%).

In addition, every year, nearly 60% of advertisers use advertising objects for their communication. Thus, 64% of advertisers offer goodies at events; 18% to promote their products and services; 18% to stimulate and thank their employees. Covid-19 has slowed down the trend but does not call into question the sitting position of this mode of communication, which is already restarting very well despite supply difficulties.

According to the French Federation of Professionals of Communication by the Object (2FPCO), the advertising object market brings together very varied and complementary professions. Indeed, by encompassing consulting professionals as well as those of creation, communication by the object is at the origin of 13,000 jobs in France. It thus supports about 2500 companies in the territory, 80% of which are distributors or markers.

The communication by object covering a wide spectrum of skills, advisors must therefore master the criteria for choosing an object, such as utility, aesthetics, originality; adapt its recommendations to companies’ CSR commitments; or to follow marketing trends and consumer expectations.

goodies advertising object communication brand bordeaux business mug
Advertising object – Fictional example BORDEAUX Business

Communication by the object, the modern challenges of the companies of the advertising object

In the goodie market,there are very few big players. In fact, the majority of the 2500 companies that compose it are VSEs. Similarly, the market has few new entrants, except for foreign competitors who are opening up their strategy internationally. However, the differentiation on the market of the advertising object is weak since it mainly concerns prices and delivery times. To gain market share, companies must therefore redouble their ingenuity and renew themselves.

Thus, companies are developing to offer connected communication objects; or use3D printing to offer an infinite product catalog while winning on storage and logistics. These new technologies are completely shaking up business models and the promise of value. In addition, it greatly removes barriers to market entry, in addition to disrupting the balance of companies producing standard goodies. Thus, to make a difference,brands must improve the quality of their products and grow enough to take advantage of economies of scale.

They must also adapt to the evolution of mentalities, CSR policies of advertisers,as well as the anti-waste bill. In this context, the professionals of communication by the object who do best are those who offer an eco-responsible offer.

custom object communication company bordeaux bernicia trade union
Communication by object, the time of useful and qualitative goodies

Bernicia and Trade Union, the gathering of values

By acquiring Trade Union, Bernicia demonstrates a sharp knowledge of its market and its desire to become a leader at the national level at least. In addition to getting closer to a well-established and recognized brand, Bernicia reinforces its desire to develop offers with a lower environmental impact. It thus acquires the communication agency by the object holding 3 notable certifications for 6 years. ISO 9001 certification for quality management; ISO 14001 certification for environmental management; and EcoVadis Gold label for the quality of the company’s CSR managementsystem. In this way, Bernicia acquires strong technical skills, in line with its values and commitments.

We welcome this rapprochement. The pooling of our skills and the complementarity of our markets will allow us to strengthen our presence in the territory, with an even wider range of products, expertise throughout the value chain and complementary technical know-how.

Pierre-Olivier Crespi, Associate Director Bernicia

In addition, with this acquisition, the company is equipped with an integrated marking workshop, a 100% biodegradable textile ink printer certified Oeko-Tex, or a 300 m² showroom in Paris exhibiting more than 5000 products.

Object Communication Showroom – Trade Union

Recruitment, CSR… Strong ambitions for Bernicia and DLV Group

To support its development, Bernicia is also launching recruitments. Currently, the company has 6 employees in Bordeaux and 3 in Angers. In order to expand its teams following the acquisition of Trade Union, the company plans to recruit 3 new talents in Bordeaux and 4 in Paris directly within Trade Union.

A development that also comes 2 years after joining DVL Group. The group brings together different SMEs of communication by object. Developed by François Nourrit, an Angevin entrepreneur, the group allows Bernicia to take advantage of a particularly extensive offer.

We are now present throughout the chain. With Bourbon Design Industry, itself in the group and plastics manufacturer for more than 100 years, we complete this service offer with a design office, design and logistics management, 1000 m² of production space, 800 m² of storage.

Pierre-Olivier Crespi, Associate Director Bernicia

Thanks to these skills and tools, Bernicia hopes to achieve the ambitious CSR objectives it has set itself.

We are also working hard to accelerate our CSR approach around 4 fundamentals: respect for the environment, responsible purchasing, quality of life at work for our employees and finally our societal resonance by collaborating, for example, more and more with ESATs or local partners.

Pierre-Olivier Crespi


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