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Bordeaux: AirZen, well-being to listen to everywhere in France

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A brand new national radio station has just made its debut in France: AirZen. Based in Bordeaux, this radio station stands out for its unique concept. Indeed, beyond broadcasting music, it accompanies listeners on a path to well-being. Since the beginning of the pandemic, the place of well-being in society has become increasingly important. Feeling good at home, good at work, and in your body allows you to flourish more. Also, AirZen wants to offer content related to this issue, and support its listeners to follow this path.

AirZen, a 100% positive radio

The launch of this brand new radio station does not go unnoticed. Indeed, it is unlike any other. Radio stations generally offer thematic musical content (classical music, pop-rock, …) to seduce listeners looking for music they enjoy. AirZen also offers unique content, but not dedicated to a specific musical style.

This radio station only offers content that makes you feel good, relax. By broadcasting, from October 12, 2021, AirZen will allow listeners to live better, feel good throughout their lives. The pandemic has changed the pace of many people. Their social relationships, their work, their consumption habits… Everything has evolved.

As everyone resumes their habits, the desire to take care of oneself is gaining momentum. How to consume better, take time to relax, reconnect with your work rhythm… The need to focus on oneself is important, and AirZen has understood this. Thus, the national radio will broadcast on the web, but also in DAB+ (digital terrestrial radio). The group’s goal? Expand nationally, so that everyone can have their own dose of well-being on a daily basis.

Radio is a very powerful medium and appreciated by the French. Indeed, every day, more than 40 million listeners listen to at least one radio. However, with the pandemic, and the lockdowns, the number of listeners is falling. This is explained in particular by the implementation of teleworking. Indeed, the majority of listeners listen to the radio when travelling to their workplace, which is no longer the case when they work from home. Nevertheless, the decrease remains small compared to the daily audience.

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Radio remains one of the most popular media of the French.

A quest for well-being on a daily basis

The pandemic has transformed the lifestyle of the French for several months. Indeed, mental health and personal development are more present in habits than ever. This is explained by the time spent at home, conducive to activities focused on oneself. Also, the number of requests for classes related to well-being, yoga or sports activities is multiplying… Just like manual activities or reflecting activities, taking care of yourself is important.

AirZen thus provides a solution for all radio enthusiasts who want to take care of themselves at the same time. Like a coach, accessible at any time, radio offers solutions for fulfillment, to resume at its own pace its pre-pandemic life.

Offering content adapted to the needs and desires of the French makes it possible to succeed in establishing itself in the landscape of already existing radios. Indeed, the most listened to radios are those that offer news content, and not only music. Thus, the podium of the most listened to radios consists of France Inter, RMC and France Info.

Keeping up to date with all the news in France and around the world through radio still works as much. Indeed, the radio makes it possible to inform oneself anywhere, anytime. Offering the same service, maix for well-being and relaxation then knows a similar success. The pandemic has developed this need to relax, to reconnect with oneself to better pass this course.

The imminent launch of AirZen therefore marks the beginning of a new era for French radio. A solution to combine listening and relaxation, accessible to all and everywhere in France. An announcement that already delights many listeners, ready to discover the formats proposed for this brand new national radio.


AirZen Radio – Launch of the 1st positive radio in France on October 12, 2021

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