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Launched in February 2018, the #BM2050 mission is a large-scale consultation on the future of Bordeaux Métropole in 2050. 28 municipalities in the territory worked on the project. The objective of this gathering is to design and imagine the future of Bordeaux Métropole. The first results of the #BM2050 approach were presented on March 29, 2019. The opportunity to take stock of the mission in Hangar 14. Between animations and round tables, many exchanges punctuated the event. In particular, there were round tables on the environmental and social issue. After a year of work and an analysis of the 2,000 proposals, 4 possible scenarios emerged. In December 2019, a white paper takes stock of this consultation, which lasted a year.

The vision for the future of the Bordeaux Métropole

The new vision of Bordeaux Métropole in 2050 emerges thanks to numerous exchanges and sharing of points of view. Indeed, for 12 months meetings were held on the territory and on the site of the mission. These meetings have stimulated debates, hackathons, creathons, competitions and serious games (47,485 players). Thus, more than 2,000 contributions were collected by the organizers.

The topics covered during this consultation are varied. They therefore concern all the parameters of society such as mobility,culture, education,artificial intelligence,food, health, solidarity and many others. Thus, more than 120,000 metropolitans participated in this new vision and 4,000 people and 1,600 schoolchildren were present at the grand finale at the H14 in Bordeaux, on March 29. Indeed, this 2050 vision is a common goal to be achieved. The figures of the consultation do not lay, the interest is very real:

  • 15,000 people responded to the questionnaires;
  • 50 stops of the “Camion of the future” through the 28 municipalities of the Metropolis;
  • 90 pitches at the home of the #BM2050 project;
  • 14 university partners;
  • 800 minutes of videos on various themes;
  • 18 days for 36 debates, or 90 hours of exchanges and proposals;
  • Consultations in 18 municipalities;
  • 250 debaters;
  • 7 major conferences and 4,000 participants;
  • 47,485 players in the serious game
  • 1,700 children participating in the “Imaginary Objects” project;
  • 10 colleges and high schools…

During the presentation of the results for the White Paper #BM2050 patrick Bobet (President of Bordeaux Métropole), Jacques Mangon (Vice-President of Bordeaux Métropole in charge of #BM2050 and Mayor of Saint-Médard-en-Jalles), Nicolas Florian (Mayor of Bordeaux and Vice-President of Bordeaux Métropole) and Alain Anziani (First Vice-President of Bordeaux Métropole) were present.

#BM2050 Projection 1: Continuous and self-regulating metropolisation

This is the least desirable projection. However, it is the one that corresponds to the current codes of society, a continuous metropolisation participating in the increase of inequalities and the increase in the price of life. Thus, the increase in the price of real estate will play a regulatory role. It will contribute to the distance of the middle class outside the Metropolis. Therefore, the dependence on means of thermal transport, the feeling of injustice and downgrading will be increasingly felt.

#BM2050 Projection 2: A decarbonization of the Metropolis

The fight against global warming, health risks and global population growth is the fight of everyone around the world. Strongly engaged in the environmental debate, the inhabitants of the Bordeaux Metropolis are well aware of this. This projection therefore highlights a clear need for decarbonization of our industries and our society. Bordeaux Métropole will be increasingly dense.

public authorities and elected officials must therefore anticipate this growth. Thus, they must put in place solutions to restrict access to the city to cars (ban on diesel vehicles, obligation of electric cars, urban tolls…). This decarbonization also requires improved insulation of buildings, a ban on the use of concrete for construction or the imposing of short circuits.

#BM2050 aerial view of Bordeaux
The city of Bordeaux in full reflection with BM2050

#BM2050 Projection 3: An alliance of nature and society

Nature is an integral part of life. Thus, we must respect it and live in communion with it. In Bordeaux, nature has its place. Indeed, the Metropolis is composed of 28,000 hectares of nature and a river, the Garonne, crossing 12 municipalities. So much space to highlight and use wisely. This projection focuses on the reopening of the esteys, the rediscovery and development of the water system, the creation of underground technical galleries thus authorizing the reorganization of the networks.

Nature therefore plays a strategic role in the evolution of society but not only. It plays a fundamental role in spatial planning. Thus, these elements contribute to the birth of shared vegetable gardens in the heart of the city.

#BM2050 Projection 4: A balance of territories

This projection is the projection of intellectual exchanges, goods or people. The creation of a network of sharing, collaboration, ecosystems,support of human energies, innovative and flexible. Bordeaux Métropole would become a territory of mobility, metropolitan, new modes of travel respectful of the environment, the development of employment in peri-urban, experimentation and agility in all sectors of activity.

The last 3 projections are therefore the most favorable and ambitious. They will ask for the participation of all for the development of this Bordeaux Metropolis. Indeed, construction sites are essential to develop the territory, for the good of all, we must work together. Thus, many large-scale projects are emerging and contribute to the innovative influence of the Metropolis in France and around the world, thus encouraging other metropolises to do the same. We are facing an existential challenge and to succeed in the challenge, we must totally change the way we operate.


“White paper review of Bordeaux metropolis 2050 ” Bordeaux metropolis

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