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Bluelinea offers an innovation for institutions receiving the elderly or disabled, in the face of the pandemic. Created in the Paris region, this company specializes in supporting seniors at home or in health facilities. Since the arrival of the pandemic, it has been constantly expanding its range of offers to meet changing needs in institutions that are bearing the brunt of the situation. Caring for residents, patients, caregivers and families is a challenge for the company. The new solution would thus promote a return to normalcy in these establishments.

Silver Economy Expo, the contest of the nuggets of senior offers

Beyond the deployment of its own offers, Bluelinea also actively participates in the economic dynamism around the silver economy. Thus, the company is a partner of the Silver Economy Expo. Which can also count as the Ile-de-France Pension Insurance, France Silver Eco and the UGAP. At the end of 2021, the organizers launched the 6th edition of this national start-up competition: the Silver Academy. This competition is dedicated to start-ups offering an offer dedicated to seniors or caregivers.

Participer à ce concours permet aux start-up de se faire repérer et de stimuler leur croissance. La Silver Academy leur octroie une visibilité commerciale immédiate, des mises en relations stratégiques et de l’accompagnement-conseil personnalisé. Ce concours permet bien sûr au lauréat, finalistes et nominés mais aussi à tous les candidats de se rendre visibles auprès des personnalités et experts. Silver économie, entrepreneuriat, investisseurs, prescripteurs, partenaires industriels, distributeurs, media… Ainsi que des clients potentiels contribuant au processus de sélection.

Participating in such a contest also allows you to confront the realities of the silver economy ecosystem.

Alain Bosetti, President of Silver Economy Expo

Bluelinea, innovations that take care of seniors

Depuis sa création, Bluelinea ne cesse d’étoffer ses services pour répondre aux besoins exprimés au sein des établissements de santé, des EPHAD.. Mais aussi par les familles des seniors qui vivent encore chez eux. En effet, l’un de leurs services, Help, veille sur plus de 30 000 personnes âgées vivant à domicile. Un service d’autant plus important à l’heure de la pandémie, avec des outils connectés qui permettent de prévenir les chutes, un service d’appel immédiat en cas de besoin… Ainsi qu’une montre connectée qui analyse en permanence la santé du senior

In institutions such as EHPAD, Bluelinea also offers services that have become indispensable. With its Serenea offer, more than 100 establishments in France work best. It makes it easier to make everyday actions easier, to assist caregivers to take care of residents and patients. Again, when needed, seniors have access to a mobile call service. With a location system, it is easier for caregivers to find a resident in the facility. This allows for faster response, especially in the event of a fall or emergency.

The Serenea tool is also designed to prevent and prevent falls. A tool for the Silver Economy, which helps to reassure families and facilitate the work of caregivers. But for the past year, institutions for the elderly have been living under a bell. The COVID-19 pandemic has dramatic impacts within the EHPADs. In France, as of 23 March 2021, 25,405 elderly people have died as a result of the virus. A figure that shows how much the pandemic affects the elderly.

In New Aquitaine, there were 1929 deaths among residents in EMS. A total of 13,429 residents were infected and 7205 staff members were served.

Bluelinea’s solution to improve the quality of life of residents

EHPADs are the scene of major episodes of contamination between residents and with health care workers. Confined in an enclosed space, transmission of the virus is faster, while this population is among the most fragile. Thus, in the face of the rapidity of this spread, the Government had banned family visits. This radical measure was designed to protect our Elders from the pandemic.

But this difficult situation was not well experienced by the residents, as were the families. For example, Bluelinea proposes a new solution that should change the lives of people in health facilities such as EHPADs. This will allow us to return to a near-normal life in these suitable places of life.

This solution measures air quality in the living spaces shared by residents in the establishments. This includes, for example, the place of restoration, meeting spaces, leisure areas and the appropriate activity and care centres (PASA). Using multifunctional sensors, Bluelinea analyzes real-time CO2 indicators, temperature and humidity in the air. If the threshold is exceeded, staff are immediately notified.

This solution therefore appears to be a real innovation, so that the situation in spaces considered potentially harmful is under control… And that the lives of seniors in EHPADs and other establishments are more comfortable.

The first deployment of this solution within institutions will begin in April. The first to benefit are in New Aquitaine, in the north of France, and in the Ile-de-France region. Three regions where the virus is actively circulating, and where the number of seniors is particularly important.

A company mobilized for the Silver Economy

Since its inception, Bluelinea has been mobilizing for the well-being of seniors, whether they are in specialized institutions or living at home. In particular, the company has set up a free self-help platform for the logistical needs of EHPAD. At the same time, Bluelinea works closely with the Mayors, as part of the “Act for Our Elders” action.

Après un an de pandémie, l’enjeu actuel concerne la vaccination d’un maximum de personnes. Un programme qui durera jusqu’en été, pour protéger la population face au virus. Les seniors sont les premiers concernés par la vaccination. Afin d’accélérer la cadence de vaccination auprès des plus fragiles, Bluelinea organise également des rendez-vous de vaccination. En partenariat avec Doctolib, elle se rend donc auprès des personnes âgées isolées pour leur administrer le vaccin. Un effort collectif, pour retrouver une vie meilleure. 


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