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Almost all companies with 250 or more people provide internet-connected smartphones to their employees, according to INSEE. Indeed, the mobile phone has a great value for professionals when they have to access their emails and internet regularly. They need access to an extensive sample of applications.

The smartphone outperforms the computer

For several years, the smartphone has become the reflex for all online actions for consumers. It allows you to accomplish all the tasks that could be done on a computer. It is modernized, with several new options, and more advanced features. However, not all smartphones are suitable for professional use.

Consumer smartphones are subject to shocks and hacking attempts. They are not suitable for the corporate world. In addition, professionals are increasingly mobile, smartphones must withstand collisions. It is not enough for a company to have a simple internet connection. It is essential to have a large minimum storage space of 32 GB, and a Micro-SD port.

In addition, screen size, brightness and resolution are important conditions. As for the battery, the battery life should not be less than 8 hours, and it must be able to change easily. In addition, the camera is not to be overlooked, for scanning, a QR, a barcode or taking pictures in the professional setting. Finally, the smartphone must be able to insert two SIM cards to link business and personal activities.

Smartphones, allies of everyday life (especially) in confinement

During the lockdown, the smartphone becomes the main ally of professionals. It allows you to remotely manage everything that can be done in the office. Follow your appointments, contact your customers, your employees… The smartphone allows you to keep the links you have with your professional sphere. Like a standard computer, it allows you to access your emails in a few clicks. With him, the professional can reach his clients on the other side of the world.

It is a nomadic ally, but also an increasingly complete and efficient ally. Indeed, innovations make it possible to bring advanced functionalities to new smartphones. A powerful camera, with an almost professional shooting quality… A storage capacity close to that of traditional computers… But above all unlimited access to the internet, to carry out actions anywhere.

Most professionals can adapt to remote work thanks to their smartphone. In addition to a computer, depending on the industry, they can perform all tasks. In short, no more limits to creativity, no more obstacles to adaptation. Digitalization is an opportunity that professionals continue to exploit. In this period of confinement, it appears more than ever as the solution. A solution that combines work and respect for barrier gestures.

The criteria to take into account when choosing a professional mobile phone

Choosing a professional smartphone is a choice that needs to be considered. Indeed, depending on the intended use of the activity, the smartphone will have to ensure strategic points so as not to hinder professionals in the proper performance of their work.
The first point to take into account is that of the battery. If for personal use, it is already uncomfortable to have a smartphone with a low autonomy, this is even more disabling for professional use. Indeed, the professional smartphone must allow to be reachable at any time.

Thus, it is necessary to be vigilant about the performance and life of the battery. It is also possible for professionals on the go to acquire an external battery to avoid being out of battery.

Depending on the actions performed on the smartphone, it will also be necessary to ensure its speed. In order to be able to open several applications at the same time and perform quick actions, it is necessary to look at the RAM and the processor.

Finally, if smartphones outperform computers, it is also worth making sure you have sufficient screen size and quality. It will obviously be easier to work and take notes or edit images on a mobile phone with a large screen and good resolution.

A wide range of smartphones, responding to business needs

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Obviously, a smartphone for professional use cannot be used without a professional phone subscription. In this sense, the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is a mobile phone in vogue in business, and under the Android operating system. This Samsung features a 6.4-inch screen, a minimum internal capacity of 128GB and a 4000 mAh battery capable of lasting an entire day. In addition, it is possible to charge your phone wirelessly with a compatible charger. Finally, it is equipped with two SIM ports and, it is waterproof.

This smartphone contains a novelty for businesses, since it is possible to control a presentation via the S Pen, which allows to direct the slides. The S Pen is a Bluetooth pen that recharges by storing it in the smartphone. It contains an important feature called, Samsung Knox, which helps protect the phone from malware and intrusions.

The smartphone, a great ally for professional life.

Samsung Galaxy S10 more

The Samsung Galaxy S10 offers almost the same skills as the Samsung Galaxy Note 9. In addition, there is an additional camera, faster wireless charging, and other features that are perfect for professional use.

Smartphone OnePlus 6

OnePlus offers mid-range smartphones with an Android operating system. The amount of memory is 64, 128 or 256GB. The screen size is 6.28 inches, with top-of-the-line quality. The battery is durable for a whole day. Thus, all the features are present for professional use.

The iPhone XS

The iPhone XS is a high-end smartphone. It features a sharp 5.8-inch screen, a dual camera, face ID recognition, and a dual SIM primarily. Indeed, Apple has placed a lot of emphasis on design since the apple stands out from the competition, and appeals to customers visually. However, the operating system changes, since it is under IOS. All of its components are state-of-the-art,and offer high-end services. It brings speed and efficiency, two great advantages for a company.

The Huawei Mate 20 Pro

This smartphone offers a great battery life, and recharges very quickly. It is possible to charge your phone in just over an hour. The size of the 6.39-inch screen, perfectly calibrated and readable, offers a real impression of luxury and seriousness. The Huawei has facial recognition and an effective fingerprint sensor, arranged under the screen, it quickly becomes a habit.

Finally, if there are different types of smartphones, don’t neglect the professional phone subscription, from specialized operators.

The iPhone 11 pro

The iPhone 11 pro is the newest and best-performing model in the Apple family. Indeed, perfectly suited for professional use, it has the latest A13 Bionic chip. Powerful, fast and intelligent, it is the first chip to perform as well in the world of smartphones. Its autonomy, all the more efficient, allows optimal use for a day’s work or travel. Finally, it is also more resistant and waterproof and therefore strongly supports shocks as well as liquids.

The race for professional smartphones

The mobile phone market is an endless race for innovation. Every year, new phones come out and make a splash with consumers. More and more efficient, with a modern and thoughtful design, they make it possible to stand out from the many competitors. The more new features the smartphone offers, which differs from older versions or with major competitors, the more consumers will tend to be interested. Mobile phones therefore have a strong interest in being the most efficient but also the most intuitive to meet the new expectations of employers and employees. The more intuitive they are, the better they will fit all the employees of the company.

The smartphone is an ally of everyday life.

New products and innovations to meet demand

Indeed the race for innovation has no limits, you only have to look at the market for mobile phones to realize it. Thus we have seen the appearance of new brands, such as the Chinese brands Xiaomi or Huawei still unknown a few years ago. To date they offer an offer of innovative phones at more than suitable costs, in fact for a few hundred euros it is possible to find a powerful smartphone and quite suitable for professional use.

We notice the Huawei P40 5G or the Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro 5G which have all the advantages, power, design and cost. Next door, market leaders must redouble their efforts to stay in the race.

So at Samsung we see the appearance of a new kind of phone with a new technology, the Z Fold 2 5G. This phone marks a new turning point in the mobile phone market as it has a foldable 7.6-inch screen on itself with a second 6.23-inch screen on its left side. It also has a new photo solution with a 12-12-megapixel triple sensor and a 4500 mAh battery. An innovation that does not go unnoticed.

At Apple,we are also waiting for the release of the iPhone pro 12, which gives great promise in terms of power with technologies inspired by NASA, screen, photography but also design. Indeed, it benefits from a “new” design for nostalgic Apple adapts since it is strongly inspired by iPhone 4. Thanks to its A14 Bionic chip, this new model ensures good performance. In addition, the screen expands for better use without making the phone more cumbersome. There are also improvements on the camera, especially in night mode.

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