Bee Cycle promotes employee mobility in companies

Will the return to the company be with Bee Cycle bikes? After months of teleworking, companies are inviting their employees to go back to the office. However, some things are changing. Among these changes, the question of the energy and environmental impact of companies. How to find sustainable solutions that also have a positive impact on employees? The question of mobility arises, especially when companies are in the heart of metropolises. Pollute less, but also limit interactions with others to avoid contaminating … Challenges to which companies like Bee Cycle provide answers.

Bee Cycle, promoting the use of bicycles for travel

To get to the office or move around the city, especially in a large metropolis like Bordeaux, how to do it? Take your personal vehicle, or company, but look for a parking space or spend a long time stuck in traffic jams at rush hour? Especially since this means of transport is more polluting than any other. For several months, the metropolis has also implemented Crit’Air vignettes, preventing all the most polluting vehicles from circulating in the city center.

Getting around with public transport? Already a greener solution, especially with the city’s electric trams. However, some trips may take longer, even more if work is in progress or if there is an incident on the course. Especially since the negative point with this mode of travel is that not everything is necessarily served.

The only trips that allow you to move anywhere without polluting or depending on traffic are therefore walking… And greener means of travel like cycling. This means of transport, different, is also a way to move more serenely. This makes it possible to take advantage of summer temperatures, but also a way to be part of a responsible mobility approach.

To this end, Bee Cycle is positioning itself with Bordeaux companies as a carrier of sustainable solutions and alternatives. It supports business leaders in the deployment of a fleet of company bicycles, made available to employees. This mobility solution therefore shows the commitment of certain groups to alternative and softer mobility.

bike city daily trips bordeaux
The bicycle allows a soft mobility and without impact on the environment.

Raising the awareness of Bordeaux residents through alternative mobility

Bee Cycle is approaching more than 70 companies of all sizes as a result of the lockdown. For employees who have experienced the confinement by teleworking, the desire to find their way back to the offices by getting some fresh air is stronger than ever. Also, for all those who do not have a bike, Bee Cycle offers companies the opportunity to equip employees. Electric bikes that make it faster and easier to get around the city, to go both in appointments and at the workplace.

The metropolis of Bordeaux is diversifying by offering alternatives to all modes of transport. Greener means of transport, with the introduction of electricity as energy. Bicycles, scooters, but also buses, trams and even cars become electric. This makes it possible to allow the largest number of employees to move easily in the city throughout the year… In both a personal and professional context.

Companies are therefore multiplying to offer Bordeaux residents different modes of transport. For years, the city has been developing to position itself as a metropolis focused on sustainable development and towards an energy transition. Bee Cycle is one of those actors who intervene in the city, and which marks the profound changes in habits. For companies, this contributes to their transition in favor of the well-being of employees, and is part of a CSR approach.

These changes are significant in the wake of the pandemic, but tend to be long-term. This promotes the establishment of companies in the heart of cities, especially in cities like Bordeaux where finding parking is difficult. An alternative that makes it possible to relieve congestion on the streets, but also to reduce urban pollution. An action for the future, virtuous and promising.


In Bordeaux, Bee.Cycle, the French concept of electric bicycle function, is showing good growth by reinventing the mobility of employees. Press release published on August 24, 2021

Offer an Electrically Assisted Bicycle to your Employees Bee Cycle

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