Be Cablé facilitates the charging of electric cars at the CGR of Villenave d’Ornon

In 2019, the environmental solutions integrator Be Cablé installed two EVBox fast chargers to facilitate the charging of electric vehicles and therefore enhance electric mobility. These installations are a success that is reflected in the renewal of the partnership between EVBox Ultroniq. From now on, the CGR charging station in Villenave d’Ornon has six fast and ultra-fast charging places with direct current. These new installations respond to the democratization of electric vehicles. Indeed, the development of electric vehicles also includes the development of solutions to meet the needs of users. Users of internal combustion vehicles find petrol stations throughout the country. Similarly, users of electric vehicles must have charging stations nearby. For this, Be Cablé offers its solutions.

The development of electric vehicles must be accompanied by the development of charging stations

The number of registrations of electric vehicles continues to grow and the company Be Cablé also makes the observation. Indeed, according to government figures in 2020 there are 25,914 electric passenger cars registered. This figure represents an increase of +146% compared to the first quarter of 2019. As of April 1, 2020, there are no less than 312,767 electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles. 245,964 are electric vehicles.

This development of electric mobility is particularly supported by the State. Indeed, it is a solution to reduce CO2 emissions and respond to the climate emergency. Behaviour on the road needs to be changed. For this, the State sets up different actions and at the same time economic actors like Be Cablé are organizing.

For example, it organizes the mobility orientation law that is placed on the agenda of the Paris Agreement and the Climate Plan. The law aims to stop sales of new passenger cars and light commercial vehicles using fossil fuels by 2040.

Indeed, electric vehicles produce 2 to 6 times less CO2 emissions compared to a combustion vehicle. At the same time, electric vehicles would be more economical. 100 kilometers traveled would cost between 2 and 3 euros for an electric vehicle. For a thermal vehicle there are 6 to 8 euros. The State then values the purchase of electric vehicles and offers financial aid up to 11,000 euros.

However, to support this development, it is necessary to ensure the deployment of load structures. On the territory, there are 29,000 charging points. The deployment of this infrastructure is a condition for the development of electric vehicles. Thus the government ensures this and has as its objective 100,000 charging points open to the public in 2022 and 7 million public and private charging points in 2030. Thus Be Cablé enters this dynamic and responds to the anticipation of the development of electric mobility in Bordeaux.

Electric car charging
The development of electric cars and charging stations

Be Cablé, a player in the development of electric mobility

The objective of the Be Cablé brand is to develop solutions to respect the environment. He manages the marketing and outsourcing of charging stations for electric vehicles. The company offers its solutions for private and public institutions. It allows users of the terminals to charge their vehicle with the use of the blue card or the usual card of electric car owners.

In addition, it offers the Be Cablé card that will be usable on the entire French and European network of charging stations. Thus, in Bordeaux Be Cablé operates with the CGR cinema. In addition, the CGR cinema is the first cinema in the territory to have installed charging stations in its car park. Faced with the success of the operation, Be Cablé installs with Bouygues Energie two new EVBox Troniq fast chargers.

In addition, Be Cablé is also proud to participate in local development. Indeed, its partner EVBox is also a Gironde company. Its technologies fully meet the needs of the project.

Finally, located in a strategic area, the charging stations allow customers of the cinema but also restaurants, gyms in shopping center around to charge their vehicles. The time of a movie or a good meal, the car charges and the owners of electric vehicles have peace of mind.


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