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The Ange bakery, specialist in artisanal bakery (breads, pastries, pizzas, sandwiches, salty caterer) was created in 2008 in Miramas by François BULTEL, Patrice GUILLOIS and Patricia GAFFET. The franchise network was created in 2011, following a success and a fairly strong demand from customers. In 2013, Ange had already opened 31 franchised establishments on the national territory. In 2015, there were 60, a doubling of franchises. This is particularly marked, showing the potential of this type of trade. While the number of artisanal bakeries in operation on the national territory is around 32,000 in 2016, a figure that has decreased slightly since the end of the 1990s.

Well-cooked floured baguettes

The multi-franchised company in France places an important emphasis on employment. The group has opened more than 110 franchises in the territory since its inception. While recruiting more than 1400 employees. The Bakery Ange therefore wishes in this year 2018 to engage in the apprenticeship of future bakers by recruiting six apprentices per bakery. This represents nearly 650,000 more hours of work in companies each year. In addition, Ange has also just opened its first international franchise in Quebec (Canada). The French baguette is successful all over the world, as is pastry.

Opening in Mérignac of a new sign

The territorial mesh of the Ange Bakery continues in the Bordeaux region. On May 16, a new sign was created in the city of Mérignac. With his new outlet in Mérignac, the franchise’s chief executive, Laurent Moindrot, says:

The Ange franchise network totally meets my expectations. It displays values in line with my vision of the company: product quality, modernity, sustainable ethics and strong growth potential in particular. In addition, the supervision offered by the network allows me to develop my activity serenely.

Indeed, the former Deputy Managing Director of Doctissimo (from 2011 to 2013) sees this new bakery as the new stronghold of Mérignac’s artisanal pastry. Ange bakeries take care of their image by preparing their bread by handcrafted, with an open space for customers to see the bakers and pastry chefs in the middle of their work. Offering quality fresh produce throughout the day is the chain’s point of honour, while offering permanent offers that defy all competition.

The Bordeaux metropolis: an environment conducive to young bakers’ learning

In the Bordeaux metropolis, Jacky Dupas, the current owner of six Ange bakeries, has added some forty apprentices to his workforce. The goal is to form a dynamic team that can produce bread, pastries and sandwiches faster. Few traditional bakeries recruit apprentices, especially in Gironde.

The partnership with the local CFAs (Apprentice Training Centre) is fully functioning. We are responding to strong demand and contributing to the training of these apprentices in real conditions.”

In close collaboration with the Sablières de Bordeaux (another training centre for apprentices), the centre’s deputy director, Ms. Thiebault, explained that the partnership with Ange bakeries is

“a real win-win exchange.”

It is also a great opportunity for apprentices to find internships. Recruitment campaigns set up by the centre allow students to be recruited afterwards. The latter considers it essential that students “commit themselves to upsetting the image of alternation, which is still too negative in France”.

The entrepreneurial spirit of future bakers: a key to the job market

Nationally, 1,200 bakeries close each year, for about the same number of creations. Faced with competition from national chains such as Ange, the 48 or Paul, which are opening franchises quickly throughout the country, small bakeries sometimes struggle to stay the course. Rising baguette prices directly impacted by the increase in the cost of raw materials, lower production capacity…

The enticing offers offered by Ange, for example, have a direct impact on customer behaviour: they can buy hot bread at any time of the day, with two baguettes offered if you buy three, or some days more than attractive promotions on the purchase of pastries, pastries, or even formulas for lunch that allow you to eat well without paying too much. The consumer, faced with these offers is more inclined to consume, and to buy more than a single baguette. It allows the rapid growth of franchise networks such as Angel, which needs to recruit more regularly.

Si certaines enseignes telles que la P’tite Boulangerie proposent à leurs clients des pains bio, conçus à partir de produits locaux, préparés devant le client, prônant la qualité plutôt que la quantité, de grandes chaînes telles que Paul compte 620 points de vente à travers le monde, dont plus de 300 magasins sur le territoire national et seize en Gironde, ou encore l’enseigne 48,  qui compte 19 magasins sur la Gironde privilégient la quantité tout en veillant à conserver un produit fini de qualité, à des prix alléchants. Les Boulangeries Ange s’inscrivent dans ce paysage, avec des offres alléchantes pour la clientèle et des offres d’emploi ou de formation pour les apprentis.


Angel Press Release of June 5, 2018

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