B.U.T, the new diploma for tomorrow’s teaching

For the September 2021 season, students will discover the B.U.T., a brand new diploma. The University Bachelor of Technology is a first in IUT teaching. Both in approach and in programs, it brings a new vision of learning, offering a course that is much more practical than theoretical. In an environment where you have to be up and running as quickly as possible for companies, this kind of degree brings many benefits. Especially since for new graduates, or students, finding their way in such a health situation is not easy.

The B.U.T., a diploma that promotes skills before knowledge

For a bachelor, the next step in a bachelor’s degree further education is to find the appropriate higher education for its orientation. Thus, for one million students each year, Parcoursup is a must. This online platform allows all graduates to register on the lists of training courses and public institutions by making their wishes. After the deadline, institutions may or may not give students a place in their promotion.

Faced with the multitude of courses offered in a traditional framework, especially theoretical, the IUT of France wanted to propose an innovation, closer to the reality of the market. A formation that was developing in parallel with the COVID-19 pandemic.

The particularity of the B.U.T training is to highlight more the skills of the students and their ability to transpose them in the real conditions of the professional environment… Rather than reciting theoretical lessons learned in lectures.

School studies training
The B.U.T. helps train studies in the reality of the world of work.

This educational format is a real advantage for companies, since the B.U.T prepares for professional life. Once the three-year course is completed, students are able to work directly. An operationality that seduces the sectors that recruit. Especially since with the pandemic, companies want to restart their business as soon as possible.

The program is also evolving for students who will join the B.U.T. Course In fact, 1/3 of the study time is devoted to local economic and social realities. An important part that helps to meet the expectations of companies… While promoting the employability of students in the labour market.

The B.U.T., a diploma that listens to French students

The B.U.T. is a first in the French university curriculum. This diploma aims to make students directly operational in the professional environment. For this reason, the IUT of France intends to integrate it into their re-entry programme, more than 111 establishments across the country. Of these, 8 are in New Aquitaine.

Regionally, the B.U.T. could attract 4,306 students as early as the beginning of 2021.

What will life in higher education look like in September? With the pandemic, distance courses have become the norm, leaving some room for questioning about internships, or courses abroad, for example.

The B.U.T. wants above all to allow students to build their training path as they see fit. An “a la carte” course, where students decide whether they want to take their alternating course from the first year; if they want to stay abroad…

In this way, students are no longer limited to the framework of theoretical training. They professionalize themselves, and prepare their future within a company.

Student school diploma
The B.U.T. is a three-year course.

Especially since students choose to take a specialized course among more than 22 different specialties. Specialties that cover many fields of activity, such as chemistry, legal careers, logistics management and transportation. A way not to limit all students leaving this course to a single outlet, but to several different career profiles. A springboard for the success of young people with a varied academic and social profile.

Students, the assets of tomorrow

Students are the employees and entrepreneurs of tomorrow. Faced with the COVID-19 pandemic and the upheavals of their studies, they wonder. How can we prepare for the arrival on the job market when companies are in a complicated situation?

That’s why higher education adapts… And that companies benefit from advantageous subsidies to continue to recruit in apprenticeships or alternating. A way to continue to integrate students into the professional world of tomorrow… While continuing to run businesses. A function that the B.U.T. diploma intends to adopt to give a new face to higher education. Studies integrated into the reality of today’s world and its new challenges.


Innovation of the 8 IUT of New Aquitaine Opening of a University Of Technology Bachelor in September, New Aquitaine IUT release published February 22, 2021

The University Bachelor of Technology – GOAL IUT

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