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Automotive, a gap between men and women?

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The automobile, a field reserved for men? According to data from a recent Ifop survey, general ideas about the relationship of men and women with the automobile are well entrenched. In most beliefs, it is men who have control over driving and managing vehicle maintenance expenses. Indeed, when we talk about the automobile, or when we go to a garage … It is easy to see that the share of women is anecdotal, or almost non-existent. At a time when parity is on everyone’s lips, in all areas, what are the realities?

Women, not so dependent for the automobile

In an environment like the automobile, are women so left out? In families, 47% of women participate in decision-making about the family car. This concerns in particular its use, as well as all costs related to maintenance, repair. However, when they need to turn to a garage, most women feel despised when they go there alone.

To get to work or make all your daily trips, the car is an ideal and flexible mode of transport… Especially when it is necessary to cover long distances. Not all women who own a vehicle are necessarily in a couple or family relationship. This is their car,the costs of which they cover themselves. This can also be the case in a couple where everyone has their own vehicle.

But when they go to a garage, or to a store dedicated to automotive equipment, their feeling is special. Indeed, many feel despised, feeling little integrated into a universe that is very masculine. But is this really the case? Ifop took stock with the women of their pure feelings when they go to a garage alone.

76% of the women surveyed think that the mechanic considers them “null” in mechanics. This is part of the clichés, but for all that, the share of women in these courses is negligible. Despite this, more and more women are interested in mechanics and the automobile, at least for the simplest actions.

75% of the women surveyed also feel that garages are trying to scam them if they come alone. Unjustified costs, parts to change that were not planned… They believe that some unscrupulous garages could increase the final bill for lack of technical knowledge on the part of their customer.

Woman automotive mechanic
Women have little work in car mechanics.

A real feeling, or just an impression?

Women generally feel differently considered whether or not they are accompanied to repair their car. In today’s society, where respect for parity is advocated, the feeling remains mixed in many sectors. However, is this feeling a reflection of reality?

At the time of departure on vacation, especially for long journeys, 8 out of 10 men drive. If the man feels responsible for the protection of his family, both in everyday life and during travels, he leaves little behind the wheel to his companion.

For a couple, still according to the Ifop, the cabin is a place where disputes and conflicts break out. Conflicts especially related to male driving, faster overall, and more dangerous. Men and women agree that accidents with a car are more often caused by men than by women. More than half of women (52%) indicate that driving style is a source of contention with their partner. 28% cite speed, often well beyond the limits imposed on the road.

The automobile is a source of power, and a strong symbol of manhood for a man. Having a “sporty” driving not to say more at risk is therefore more common to assert oneself. However, women are increasingly independent of their relationship with the automobile.

Indeed, to buy a car, women manage on their own, and learn from the various tools available to them online. Some companies even find the ideal vehicle according to each customer’s criteria. This allows in a few clicks to find the right car to avoid compromises.


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