Atlas: a program in New Aquitaine to train job seekers

Atlas is implementing an ambitious programme to train job seekers in promising trades. While the economic crisis linked to the pandemic puts an increasing number of French people out of work, New Aquitaine is getting involved in their training. The New Aquitaine Delegation of Atlas is thus strengthening its system for this public, with the support of actors and partners such as the Employment Centre or the State. This program, which began in 2020, is proving its worth, and continues to grow. A growing demand in a delicate and unprecedented period.

Atlas, a committed player for employment and training

Atlas has been involved since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic in supporting and supporting job seekers across the country. Actions in different regions, with a common goal: provide access to training and employment in areas where demand is high. In New Aquitaine, this mobilization is also felt. In 2020 alone, 12 actions were carried out at 6 regional sites. Sites located in Bidart, Anglet, Niort, Limoges, Mérignac and Bordeaux.

Through these 12 actions, 134 job seekers were able to access some of the training offered in the region. Training of 400 hours each, to train to learn a new trade, or for an upgrade. The average age of these trainees is about 37 years old.

Job training
The Atlas program’s trainings help you find a new job.

With the enthusiasm generated by the Atlas programme, the forecast for 2021 is even more ambitious. In total, the New Aquitaine region will offer 23 different courses, also lasting 400 hours, to accompany more than 350 job seekers on their journey. It also strengthens local synergies between different employment actors. The sourcing is carried out by Pôle Emploi, APEC is in charge of consultations…

These trainings cover all branches that are members of the OPCO, as well as all the trades that result from it. Promising sectors, which recruit on a large scale, such as the accounting or banking professions. For example, Atlas plans 6 qualifying sessions to work as a Customer Manager, Remote Customer Advisor or As a Sinistres Manager.

All these occupations are springboards for job seekers, at a difficult time for the economy. A way to support business dynamics, and access to employment.

Atlas, meeting the needs of businesses

The choice of courses offered through Atlas is not due to chance. It stems from the needs and expectations that companies have raised. Thus, depending on the feedback from companies on their situation and on the positions to be filled, training organizations adapt their training catalogues. This allows recruiters to respond quickly, while providing a fixed position for job seekers at the end of their training. Once recruited, they benefit from an alternatingcontract. The aim of these companies is to recruit directly at the end of this training.

This facilitates an understanding of each other’s constraints, while connecting stakeholders. Thus, these trainings allow job seekers to improve their knowledge in the service of a company, during an upgrade… Or even for others to reorient themselves completely towards a sector that recruits. The training allows the acquisition of a level 5 title, equivalent to a Bac-2. Qualifying training, which allows you to work directly.

Training sector employment carrier
The training is focused on promising jobs.

This route is not fixed in time; it aims to evolve at the pace of the needs expressed by companies… But also according to the feedback made by the people trained through Atlas. They are regularly asked about their feelings, so that the training adapts to their needs.

The training of adults through a professional retraining is democratized and allows to find a new job Sometimes in totally different industries. Thus, an unemployed restaurant employee can train to become an accountant, payroll manager, PhP developer or Java developer… Targeted trades in companies whose activity is not decreasing.

Training, the springboard for a new career

Accessing training is easy today. Training that strengthens his skills in his field… Or even to learn a new trade, especially in the context of a professional retraining. This phenomenon has been increasing since the beginning of the pandemic. Many industries are struggling to maintain an activity, and when partial unemployment is not enough… Executives lay off their employees. They are therefore looking for new opportunities in sectors that are recruiting.

Atlas is therefore involved with these audiences, or people who are looking for a long-term job, without finding any in their field. Like other concepts such as collective transition,the challenge is to offer a job to unemployed people, to strengthen activity within companies… Companies that directly contribute to the country’s economic recovery.


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