Amazon boosts jobs in Bordeaux

On February 15, Amazon announced its intention to create 2,000 CDI jobs by the end of 2018 in France and a partnership with more than 100,000 French companies.

In 2021, Amazon still offers a dynamic of employment. Indeed, on September 16, Amazon Career Day took place. This is an event for all those who are looking for a job or who wish to reorient themselves in their professional career. It is a day of sharing that has as a common thread motivation, inspiration and sharing of experience. During this day the participants were able to book individual coaching sessions. They were organized by Amazon recruiters to help people find jobs.

This day is an opportunity for Amazon to find profiles to join the teams within the entire logistics network as well as in the offices in the Paris region. Indeed, the Group is looking for candidates for the positions of software developer, financial analyst, account manager, human resources manager, logistics operations manager or order picker. In 2021, the group offered more than 3,000 permanent jobs throughout the country. It now has no less than 14,500 employees on permanent contracts.

Very rapid development

Just over 20 years ago, in 1995, Jeff Bezo launched Amazon, an internet book-selling site. Just two years after its launch, the Amazon company is back in businesse. It grows to become the giant of online commerce that we know today.

In 2017 Amazon’s revenue was $178 billion. San increase of more than 31% compared to the previous year. This good financial health allows the company to multiply the investments. In 2017, physical retail giant Whole Foods is a highly-regarded $13.7 billion takeover. This allows Amazon to get out of dematerialized commerceé. The Group can diversify its revenues with a very well established sales and distribution network in the United States, Canada and English (460 stores).

GAFA giant continues to expand

This year, Amazon is turning its investments to France with an announcement of the creation of more than 2000 cdi positions. These jobs will be created in the five main distribution centers in France. They will be intended for various levels of qualification according to Amazon France officials.

These jobs respond to the economic context that seems to be picking up steam and the constant development of the e-commerce market in France (an increase of 13.4% between 2016 and 2017). Amazon is keen to maintain a certain competitiveness in the territory against its competitors, such as Cdiscount or Fnac. In addition to creating more than 2,000 jobs in France, Amazon also announced that it is supporting 100,000 companies through its Marketplace, Kindle Direct Publishing and Amazon Web Services platforms.

Amazon impacts the Bordeaux region

An impact on the Bordeaux region

Amazon is also taking advantage of the craze for the consumption of movies and series on dematerialized platforms. To compete with its main competitor Netflix, Amazon is also investing in the creation of new productions on its online streaming platform Prime Video.

It is in this context that Amazon will launch production in early April its first Franco-German series. It is appoints Deutsch-les-Landes. It is shot partly in the Bordeaux region.

The series is about the relocation of a German company to a small fictional Landes village. That gives rise to a meeting between two cultures. This is a solid basis for developing the humor of the series.

Amazon Prime Video has only been present for just over a year in France (more than 4 years in Germany). Amazon Prime Video officials said they plan to produce more content in France, such as series and documentaries, without giving any figures.

Amazon is continuing to expand its group and diversify its investments. Will its competitors always make the weight against this giant who always seems to have a head start?

Amazon partners with Monoprix to deliver groceries in Bordeaux

Following the COVID-19 outbreak, many households have chosen to shop online during containment. This aim is to minimize contact in supermarkets. Thus the drive has developed to meet new needs. Even though containment is no longer relevant, consumers continue to express this need. Since the end of 2018, Amazon has been offering racing delivery in partnership with Monoprix. So consumers can make their food purchases and be delivered to their homes within 2 hours.

Thanks to its success this system developed on the territory and in the Bordeaux region on 23 September 2020. Beyond meeting a need on the part of consumers this offers a new dynamism for the Bordeaux stores of the Monoprix brand. In addition, in order to ensure deliveries in record time, a whole network of couriers had to be used to deliver packages in and around the city.
Thus by setting up its services the giant Amazon associated with the monoprix brand develops a new economic activity on the Bordeaux metropolis.

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