Airbus, a first aircraft with 100% sustainable fuel

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What if the very first aircraft using 100% sustainable fuel had finally been launched by Airbus? The aerospace company, a world leader and pioneer in the innovation of greener solutions, continues to grow and offer the sector better aircraft. The company’s latest development, with the support of Dassault Aviation, ONERA, the Ministry of Transport and Safran, is an aircraft that runs solely on sustainable fuel. A real innovation for aviation.

Airbus, pioneer of green flight with the A319neo

Build greener and more sustainable aircraft fleets. Soon, what still seemed like a fiction a few years ago will be a reality for commercial flights and helicopters. As a leader in this significant progress, Airbus is committed to the development of environmentally positive technologies. Its latest innovation, the Airbus A319neo is the result. This single-aisle aircraft is the first to benefit from sustainable, unmixed fuel operation.

Although the aircraft is currently only at the stage of flight studies, it nevertheless makes it possible to mark a considerable technological advance. By offering a greener, unmixed fuel, it shows that the planes of tomorrow are already here. Airbus has been working for several years now on aircraft that consume less fuel and are less noisy. This is to take care of the environment from an ecological point of view, by consuming less fuel, and therefore, by emitting less CO2 into the air… But also by limiting noise pollution near cities and places of residence.

This fully sustainable fuel comes from Total Energies. It is made from hydro-treated esters and fatty acids, which consist mainly of used cooking oils. This fuel is produced in France, on Norman lands. For test flights, Airbus’ A319neo will need nearly 57 tons of this fuel.

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Airplanes want to be greener and greener.

A series of test flights decisive for the future of aeronautics

Through these various tests, on the occasion of the A319neo test flight campaign, Airbus intends to analyze the impacts of this fuel. Does it offer the same performance as traditional fuel in terms of power and distance travelled? What would be the cost to power future fleets? And above all, what is its impact on the environment compared to more traditional fuel?

This study is thus known as VOLCAN (FLIGHT with New Alternative Fuels). The entire design of the aircraft, from the fuel system to the design of the engine, evolves. It is therefore necessary to carry out numerous tests in order to study all the impacts of sustainable fuel.

The decarbonization of aviation is a problem and a topical issue. The commitment of France and all the players who can make changes within their sector of activity makes it possible to make a difference. Being part of an innovation approach as Airbus does with its green devices shows that the ecological problem is a fight that the entire economy can win.


First A319neo flight with 100% sustainable aviation fuel. Airbus press release published on 29 October 2021

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