Airbus, a first-ever vegan indoor helicopter

Airbus continues to innovate in the design of its helicopters. Indeed, the company is part of a modern approach. Its objective: to meet the needs and current challenges of its customers. Engaged in the transformation of its helicopters, Airbus has completed a new challenge on behalf of one of its customers… Make a helicopter whose interior is entirely vegan. A first in the aeronautics sector, which paves the way for new revolutions.

An order for an Airbus helicopter heading to Germany

The order for this ACH-145 type aircraft was placed by a German construction contractor who wants to take care of its environmental impact. This helicopter aims to have a completely vegan interior, which is part of a new approach. Aeronautics is modernizing, evolving, to offer solutions more in line with customer needs, as well as by providing a response to societal challenges.

The interior elements, usually leather, are transformed into vegetable leather, in order to maintain the same standard, without using materials of animal origin. This makes it possible to meet the customer’s requirements, without losing the finish and standardized design of the devices. Touch also comes into play largely, offering an experience similar to that of a “traditional” device.

Do not ignore the quality or durability of materials; Airbus is keen to maintain its position to offer impeccable quality to its customers. Indeed, the company is experiencing unprecedented growth, with multiple orders. This time, the order is for a German couple, whose wife is the head of Giulia & Romeo, a specialized fashion house. The latter does not use any element of animal origin in its productions. The question of the materials used was therefore crucial.

For this very first order, Airbus has thought out and designed the six passenger seats, the central storage cabinet, the rear bulkhead and the cockpit control cuffs.

Vegan interior airbus helicopter
The entire cabin is designed in vegan material. Credit: Christian Keller

Innovation at the service of aeronautics

With this innovation in terms of design, Airbus is committed a little more to a secure transition. Maintaining the luxury dimension in a custom-designed interior allows you to stay in line with the company’s values. For Airbus, the main challenge is to meet customer expectations, without compromising on quality and finishes at the heart of the aircraft. This was indeed a problem never before encountered. Find materials to maintain the look and texture of basic layouts, while resisting wear.

Airbus has long been a pioneer in sustainable solutions at the heart of aviation. Sustainable fuel , greener design, larger controls… The company continues to grow, and to offer considerable innovations.

Clients are becoming more and more sensitive to these issues and do not hesitate to invest to meet these challenges. For Airbus, the work of the Ultraleather is not the easiest, because it is delicate and must be laid in a particular way… But the result could not be more bluffing.


Airbus responds to a customer’s request for a vegan helicopter interior. Press release of November 16, 2021

Airbus meets customer request for vegan helicopter interior

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