ADIE New Aquitaine: Supporting Entrepreneurship in the Region

ADIE in New Aquitaine is one of the actors involved in supporting and assisting companies and their leaders on a daily basis in the region. Since the beginning of the pandemic, this has been a welcome aid. Successive containments do not encourage the growth of activity in many sectors. As a result, ADIE is mobilizing and is already tracking the results of its actions for the year 2020. Results that show the importance of his role alongside entrepreneurs. While it was thought that starting a business would be painful… However, the desire to undertake remains intact in New Aquitaine.

An encouraging finding by ADIE

For young entrepreneurs who want to embark on their entrepreneurial adventure, this is not the best time. Marked by the pandemic, the New Aquitaine labour market is not performing well, as it is nationally. At issue is the temporary shutdown of certain sectors, or their sharp slowdown. While some sectors are emerging, others are in great difficulty. Restoration, culture, tourism… As well as all the trades that revolve around these pillars of neo-Aquitaine economic life.

However, in order to fight against the closure of businesses, or a catastrophe on the labour market… The region, together with the Government, is providing much-needed aid for the most affected companies. For its part, ADIE Nouvelle-Aquitaine is also mobilizing to support the economic actors of the region, as well as project leaders.

As a result, the assessment of its impact with entrepreneurs in New Aquitaine demonstrates their desire to spend the current period serenely. For example, ADIE announces that it has accompanied 7091 entrepreneurs from New Aquitaine in 2020. This support aims in particular to help start-ups. Free aid with ADIE experts, but also training dedicated to entrepreneurs, funded by ADIE. Programs of several hours that respond to issues such as business development, the legal aspect or the administrative or financial management of its structure.

This accompaniment seduces entrepreneurs in New Aquitaine. In fact, 13,309 support actions were carried out over 2020. This is an increase of 37% compared to the number of actions carried out in 2019. Actions that aim not only to benefit from advice to get started serenely, but also to obtain a credit.

Maintenance helps business support
ADIE offers support to support the entrepreneur.

Micro-credits, ADIE invests in tomorrow’s businesses in New Aquitaine

Faced with the fear of banks to lend to businesses, getting credit to get started becomes complicated, if not impossible. A considerable brake for young entrepreneurs who want to innovate and who believe in their project. This often results in an indefinite abandonment or postponement of the company’s launch. But ADIE does not want to see these projects stop until they have started. Thus, it is involved in the financial support of young entrepreneurs in obtaining a microcredit.

Thanks to the action of ADIE, 1907 professional microcredits were granted for the creation or development of a company. There are also 933 microcredits mobility, aimed at facilitating the entrepreneurial approach through mobility. For example, it may be an aid to obtain a driver’s licence, or a credit to acquire a vehicle for professional use. An aid that gives substance to the development of the future company.

For example, in 2020, ADIE Nouvelle-Aquitaine injected no less than 10,509,420 euros into the regional economy. A significant amount, indicative of two trends. A strong demand on the part of entrepreneurs, who want to make their business project a reality… But also a willingness to help in this development, to contribute to activity in the region. Valuable support at a time when the world is going through this pandemic in the midst of an economic crisis.

ADIE is therefore a key partner for start-ups in the region. Companies that need to be guided and supported to grow in a healthy environment. For example, ADIE has granted 451 honorary loans for the creation or takeover of a business, in the form of zero-rate credit.

Call help support support
The current period does not dampen the desire to undertake in New Aquitaine.

Overcoming the crisis and rebounding from the pandemic

The current period is special, unprecedented. She took everyone’s classes, especially professionals. The use of telework where possible allowed an activity to continue, but not all sectors were able to apply it. This rapid but essential adjustment has allowed the continuity of services for many companies. However, some who could not continue their activity have used partial activity for their employees. A delicate situation, the end of which is still unknown.

However, ADIE, like many players in the New Aquitaine region, remains present to support entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs who want to continue to innovate, to develop… And to adapt their activity according to the economic and health situation of the market.


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