ADI N-A x AFNOR, the voluntary standard at the service of VSEs/SMEs/ETIs

ADI N-A and AFNOR are both major players in the service of companies. Indeed, they have decided to join forces in order to provide support to companies through the voluntary standard. Thus, this voluntary standard aims to provide prescriptions and guidelines to companies to promote their growth. To this end, their partnership is based on actions initially aimed at the so-called priority sectors. Indeed, these sectors are health and tourism in view of the current situation but also the weight they weigh on the region, particularly through the number of jobs. The objective is thus to promote the sectors by enhancing them by relying on innovations in particular.

The Nouvelle-Aquitaine region is thus a region of innovation where many companies set up every year. Indeed, in addition to being a region where life is good, the region favors companies with innovative projects. Thus, several aids are available to companies. This aid concerns in particular the financial aspect but also the accompaniment and advice.

ADI N-A x AFNOR, accelerating business growth through the voluntary standard

The Innovation Development Agency of Nouvelle-Aquitaine (ADI N-A) is the regional agency acting in continuity with the strategic orientations of the region. Thus, it aims to help companies develop through various levers in order to promote the activity of Nouvelle-Aquitaine. AFNOR is thereference body for the voluntary standard. It thus contributes to the implementation and dissemination of good practices and solutions for companies.

ADI AFNOR voluntary standard partnership actions
Promote the region’s activity by supporting VSEs, SMEs and mid-caps, the objective of ADI N-A and AFNOR.

The two players have therefore joined forces to promote and accelerate the growth of companies. For this, they highlight the use of the voluntary standard. This voluntary standard is intended to direct companies through guidelines, services or practices in favour of the general interest. This standard is, as its name suggests, voluntary, which means that the use of its use is at the whim of each organization. The voluntary standard can bring entrepreneurs a 20% increase in turnover. It thus brings a real advantage to companies, which justifies the desire of ADI N-A and AFNOR to highlight it through their partnership.

Thus, this partnership will begin with the sustainable development sector in health and tourism. These priority sectors are chosen because it weighs heavily on the balance of the Nouvelle Aquitaine region. Indeed, the health sector represents more than 350,000 jobs and tourism 140,000 jobs. ADI N-A and AFNOR are therefore setting up several formats to support these sectors. Thus, awareness-raising workshops will be organized within these sectors. AFNOR will carry out innovation diagnostics to enable companies to consolidate their strategy in order to access markets. Finally, they set up regional collective actions in which companies will be able to participate.

Nouvelle-Aquitaine, the most attractive region in France

The Nouvelle-Aquitaine region is the largest region in area but also the most attractive. Indeed, every year, its spending on research, development and innovation does not go unnoticed. It is thus positioned as a region always at the forefront of innovation. Composed of numerous competitiveness clusters, it strongly attracts companies.

Thus, the region takes to heart the actions of support to companies carrying innovative projects. This is why several aids are available to them, in order to promote activity and job creation in the region. The aid available to innovative entrepreneurs can be both financial but also advice and support.

To promote innovation, Nouvelle-Aquitaine is setting up numerous calls for projects. This encourages companies to develop innovative products and services,responding to the problems of the region. Indeed, respect for the environment is important for this region composed mainly of natural landscapes such as forests, coastlines, agricultural areas etc. Enough to combine job creation, attractiveness, innovations and respect for the environment.


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