French Assurtech Accelerator

French Assurtech accelerator, the players of mutuals and insurance for the insurance solutions of tomorrow

Since 2018, the French Assurtech accelerator brings together major players in the mutual and insurance sectors alongside Medef and the Niort agglomeration. Among the latter the association counts in particular Groupama, the MACIF, Smacl, the group IMA, the MAIF,the P&V Group,the Mutual insurance company and finally the MAAF. The objective of this group is to enhance the digital development on the territory of Niort as well as to stimulate a dynamic for the insurance of tomorrow.

In this sense, French Assurtech is positioning itself as a real accelerator of startups in the insurance business. He works alongside Startup Palace, which offers acceleration programs for companies. He has notably accompanied more than 20 startups since its launch. This year and after 3 years of success, the accelerator is shaking up its model to consider new innovative solutions. The objective is to set up a system to promote hybridization of mutual startups and partnerships between startups and large groups.

The French Assurtech accelerator illustrates a principle, unity is strength

The French Assurtech accelerator therefore brings together the major players in the world of mutual insurance companies around common objectives. This association joined by an assistant, IMA as well as the Medef and the agglomeration of Niort carries loud and clear its ambitions. Indeed, it intends to participate in the development of a digital dynamic in the territory but not only. At the same time, the accelerator intends to provide new solutions for the insurance of tomorrow. It is these objectives that gave birth to French Assurtech. Thus, the world of insurance is offered an accelerator operated by Startup Palace.

For its part, Startup Palace’s mission is to identify Assurtech startups with potential. In particular, the latter offer a new vision in the world of insurance alongside mutual partners. Indeed, the term Assurtech defines startups in the world of insurance. In particular, they use new technologies to offer new insuranceservices.

Thus, the idea of the French Assurtech accelerator offers value for both mutuals and startups. The latter also benefit from access to a large ecosystem, tailor-made support, a market representing 50% of the French mutualist population, a large network of experts and finally a meeting place in the heart of Niort. In the world of mutual insurers, the French Assurtech accelerator gives its employees a vision and support regarding digital technology. Following good results in recent years, the association affirms new ambitions.

It therefore sets itself 4 principles to be achieved through new tools such as FAT CAMP for example. It is a virtual campus in order to promote exchanges between the employees of the mutuals. Thus, she wants to understand the sector by anticipating the upcoming changes to contribute to the principle of tomorrow’s insurance. It wants to develop a hybridization principle in an attractive ecosystem. It also wants to promote the contribution of ideas between employees and the sharing of experiences as a new strength. Finally, it wishes to highlight the digital dynamics of the territory but also of the members. It will be said that insurance does not miss the digital.

The world of insurance is undergoing changes

An accelerator at the service of the digital transition of the insurance world

Indeed, insurance has put a foot in the digital. In seizing the movement, insurers have had to rethink their offers. They therefore had to adapt in order to attract customers to these novelties. The latter have therefore thought of adapted solutions to rub shoulders with the Assurtechcategory. Today, insurance startups focus their efforts on customer relations, tariffs, the digitalization of the purchase journey or the implementation of artificial intelligence for the management of online procedures. The French AssurTech accelerator has seen more than 240 startups apply. The latter wish to join the scheme. They want the chance to collaborate with the largest mutuals in France.

Therefore, among all the applications only 21 startups were selected. Among them, there are notably Testamento, Lucine, Fotonower,, Akur8… The latter will thus be able to benefit from the French Assurtech program. They will then be able to enjoy 9 months of individual and collective support provided by Startup Palace and Niort Tech. They address in particular financial management, the business model, customer segmentation, or commerce.

Thus about fifteen hybridizations have already been successful between startups and mutuals. On the other hand, the dynamics of the territory are bearing fruit. Indeed, the French Assurtech program has welcomed 8 startups from the territory. If the world of insurance changes, the French Assurtech accelerator offers a vision between the different players in the field. So to speak, unity seems to be the strength for the insurance world of tomorrow.


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