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1jeune1solution, the event for youth employment. On December 8, as part of “France a Chance”, this meeting took place in videoconference. At a time of pandemic, young people fear they will not be able to find a job. The Government, for its part, is providing as much aid as possible to support businesses and employment. An answer to the situation, in a country where the role of business is central. At this event, 1jeune1solution, the focus is on youth employment, and solutions existing to date. Presentation, testimonials, essential avenues to prepare for the future.

1jeune1solution, right up to the heart of the regions

New Aquitaine is one of the regions where youth employment plays an important role. Starting with the presence of higher education schools throughout the country. The Bordeaux Academy ranks 8th nationally in terms of the population of education with 731,544 pupils, apprentices or students. It has 3,206 schools and 3 universities.

These are all young people who then have to get a job at the end of their studies, or an apprenticeship. The assets of tomorrow in short. But the COVID-19 pandemic has arrived since the beginning of 2020 and affects the entire economy. In France as in the world, the situation is far from comfortable. This is especially true for businesses.

The Government has therefore announced strong measures, such as the 100 billion euro Relaunch Plan. The latter aims to support all players in the national economy. Access to employment for young people is also one of them. That’s why the 1jeune1solution event takes place: to give young people leads and feedback from companies. To enable them to recruit young people, and thus contribute to this collective effort.

In New Aquitaine, the launch of this event relies on the presence of several personalities. Thibaut GUILLUY, High Commissioner for Employment and Business Engagement; Fabienne BUCCIO, Prefect of the New Aquitaine Region; Sophie CLUZEL, Secretary of State to the Prime Minister, Responsible for Persons with Disabilities; Pascal APPREDERISSE, Regional Director of DIRECCTE.

Thanks to the eyes of companies that are embarking on the recruitment of young people… The 1jeune1solution event is hopeful of raising awareness and mobilizing businesses to follow this example.

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Young people are the future of employment in France, and contribute to the post-pandemic economic recovery.

Recruitment solutions, post-pandemic opportunities

Young people continue their studies in new, digitalized formats. More and more courses combine student and professional life. Internships, internships or apprenticeship training are great springboards for training. A preparation for his future career. But with the arrival of COVID-19 in France, and the announcement of the first containment in March, many companies are closing… Breaking the current contract with the youngster.

To contribute to the resumption of recruitment, the 1jeune1solution event also presents the main themes of the Youth Plan. Launched in July 2020, it proposes a budget of 6.7 billion euros to help the 750,000 young people who entered the labour market in September 2020.

For example, for any young person recruited between August 2020 and January 2021,the Youth Plan proposes a compensation of expenses of 4000 euros. There are also aids for the recruitment of alternles,of 5000 if the alternant is under 18 years of age… Or $8,000 if it’s major.

Between 15 October 2020 and 31 January 2021, the franc employment system was also strengthened. The plan then provides assistance to the employer increased when it recruits a young person under the age of 26 (in CDI or CDD of at least 6 months).

To encourage job creation, the number of civic missions also tends to grow, as do sports. But the Youth Plan also covers the catalogue of training for young people in the trades of the future. Indeed, the Skills Investment Plan (PIC) is leading the way with 100,000 new qualifying or pre-qualifying training courses. Other initiatives are found in more traditional training… And a program specific to school dropouts is being set up. All this has one goal: to leave no one on the side of the road.


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