11th District and Interactive Art, art digitalizes to become interactive

11th District is winning with Interactive Art to continue to spread the world of culture. Indeed, last year and again in 2021, the culture has experienced difficult times. Following the health crisis of COVID-19, all museums and exhibition venues have closed their doors to the public. In this context, for art and culture enthusiasts or just the curious, it is difficult to go and admire the works to discover their secrets.

At the same time, the entire cultural sector is in crisis. So while the crisis marked a turning point for this sector, it also breathed a new way of consuming culture. For it must be said, that culture and artistic expression have a primary role in our society. As a vector of values, art contributes to the elevation of individuals and plays a role of memory. In this sense, today, culture seizes the turning point of digital alongside the 11th district. An initiative in response to a period but which could well democratize in the long term.

A solution to keep art alive in a context of health crisis

Thus, in our society, the world of culture plays an important role. 11th District and Interactive Art are implementing solutions to maintain the latter. However, for more than a year, the whole sector has been on hiatus. This pause has a two-scale impact. The first is economic. Indeed, before the health crisis of COVID-19, the culture sector had a turnover of 97 billion euros. Its added value is 47 billion euros. For example, it accounted for 2.3% of the country’s economy and employed 635,700 people.

According to a study carried out by the Ministry of Culture alongside the Accenture cabinet, activities based on a present economy such as visits to museums or monuments have really suffered from the crisis. The impact of the Covid-19 crisis therefore leads to an average loss of 25% of turnover in 2020, or 22.3 billion euros. Culture also plays a role on another scale. Indeed, it plays a social role. It has intangible values in the construction of individuals. If culture is entertainment it can also be an emotional experience that invites reflection. From there begins the journey of the construction of consciences and open-mindedness.

In this sense, the closure of cultural sites may constitute a lack on these two dimensions. It is then necessary to continue to present the works even though the doors of the hosts are closed. For those involved in the world of culture, it was therefore necessary to react quickly and find innovative solutions. Digital has played an important role and is an adequate response. Indeed, thanks to agents like 11th District and its solution Interactive Art, works of art have digitalized to offer new experiences. Thus, spectators have the opportunity to admire them without having to move from their homes. The solution is all the more interesting because it offers an immersive and playful experience. It is aimed at museums, art galleries and other places of culture.

interactive art and 11th district museums tours
11th District Interactive Art solution gives a new dimension to works

11th District and Interactive Art, a new dimension for works of art

The11th District Art I nteractive solution then offers an interactive format that will take the viewer to the heart of the visit. The latter will be able to interact directly with the works and make his own choices throughout the visit. He walks around the place like he’s there. However, he remains guided by speakers who will present the works to him while giving him the impression of attending a private visit. With Interactive Art by 11th District everything is designed to offer the best possible experience to the viewer.

The images have been treated optimally to ensure a cinematic rendering of the image. On the other hand, the Interactive Art solution of 11th district offers new interactivity such as the ability to view works and objects in 2D or 3D.

Thus, while the speaker presents the work, the spectators can observe it from all angles. They can zoom in on details or for 3D models to manipulate the object in different directions. These interactivitys then offer a new closeness to the works while allowing an almost total immersion. Namely, it is even possible to use virtual reality headsets. So, as a famous saying is; “Far from the eyes, close to the heart”

This new concept, Interactive Art by 11th District offers an innovative tool to maintain the link with the public. It responds to the new needs of cultural places in terms of digital communication. If this solution applies in the context of the crisis, in the long term it should become a complementary solution to physical visits. In any case, we look forward to seeing the solution spread to all the museums in the territory. And why not an interactive tour of the Museum of Fine Arts in Bordeaux…


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