100,000 Entrepreneurs mobilized in 2019-2020

The role of entrepreneur is more than crucial. It is the decision-maker of the outcome of any risky situation for the company. The entrepreneur is also the person who has to anticipate every obstacle on the road to his industry. Therefore, he is considered a revolutionary of the economy and that more and more French people are challenged by this status. It starts at an early age. There is now more awareness and knowledge on this subject. Although prepared for any eventuality that might disturb his business or his business, the entrepreneur was well faced, like any French, with the crisis generated by the Covid-19. The new generation of entrepreneurs arrives to bring their solutions and alternatives to the profession. A revolutionary vision is on its way.

Entrepreneurship, in pursuit of an opportunity

To become an entrepreneur is to get out of conformism and create a business on your own. You have to know how to adapt to any situation, anticipate financial problems, manage your teams both professionally and humanly. The entrepreneur must be versatile. It is also a symbol of innovation. Indeed, the great inventors of photography, for example, or light, were their own entrepreneur. They created a service that did not yet exist. Forerunners and entrepreneurs almost go hand in hand. In addition, a contractor’s project is worth a lot of money. It is for this intellectual success, but also economic that the status of entrepreneur is so popular.

“Traditional business start-ups rebounded sharply (up 64.4% after 41.8%) registrations of micro-entrepreneurs (up 56.0% after 24.1%)” according to INSEE (1). This is due to the simplified and unique scheme given to self-employed entrepreneurs and micro-entrepreneurs. In fact, the micro-entrepreneur benefits in particular from the micro-social scheme, an exemption or a VAT deductible. Thus, it takes advantage of a “simplified payment of social contributions and income tax” (2) in order to facilitate the launch of the activity. In France, the state increasingly carries the status of an entrepreneur, because to carry entrepreneurship is to encourage innovation. And innovation always benefits his country. For this reason, the State has decided to implement some support and a simplified approach to encourage more and more French citizens to pursue an opportunity that would become their profession.

Inspired and motivated entrepreneurs in New Aquitaine

36% of French people who become entrepreneurs in 2017 are under the age of 30, according to the DGE (General Directorate of Enterprises) (3). Young people are attracted by the opportunity of the freedom to make decisions and novelty that the status of entrepreneur offers. There are more and more specialized training and master’s degrees in entrepreneurship to meet the massive demand of today’s youth. Indeed, “46% of job seekers choose the micro-entrepreneur scheme to start their own business” (3). However, to embark on the adventure by being perfectly prepared, a real awareness, from the youngest, is profitable.

This is the mission of the association 100,000 entrepreneurs, in the school year 2019-2020, in New Aquitaine. Then was organized in three academies in the region, an awareness in high schools and within higher education. Entrepreneurs meet tomorrow’s workers: this is the mojo of this action. The numerous testimonies were then held in videoconferences, in order to follow the restrictions dictated by the Covid-19. Meetings with professionals in the field, immersion in certain situations that these young people might face were not the only missions of the association. School support, CV support and internship research were also supervised. A real opportunity was given to these young people, in New Aquitaine, to understand their future with all the necessary knowledge for a possible leap into entrepreneurship.

Telework and video conferencing, towards a new model of entrepreneurs

Covid-19 called on many workers to stay at home during confinement. While some were technically unemployed, others were partially unemployed or teleworked. This is a real boom in this model of work, which could lead to an increase in the number of companies created under the self-entrepreneur regime. Indeed, the main downside of this working model was the communication and management of its remote team. As a self-employed entrepreneur, this is the right time to start a business, in these times, before expanding his business.

A new generation, young and dynamic, is preparing to take over from today’s high-performing and innovative entrepreneurs. Awareness, training and feedback are multiplying. A significant advantage with the current economic situation created by the Covid-19. A situation that would even loom at new opportunities for some. Case to follow…


100,000 entrepreneurs: www.100000entrepreneurs.com/

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